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Sometimes I start a post with saved links and I totally forget to post ’em. So here is some old and new ones that I’ve enjoyed,

OMG, It’s Porn!
Well, technically it’s not. On the other hand, while these videos aren’t exactly NSFW, your boss might just frown upon the crowd of giggling coworkers who’ll gather around while you’re watching them! 😉

Sunday visions
I can think of no better way to follow the thought provoking videos in my Sunday Reflections… than with some beautiful and thought provoking photography…

This review had mixed emotions for me, on one hand I remembered loving this movie as a 10/11 year old as well as following up the tall man in Fangoria magazine. But yes it is a shit movie though.
Morgan Lewis review on Phantasm is quite accurate. And here I thought I had good taste as a kid. ●sigh●

This is a great 3 parter about life as an expat in the UK. This story works for me as well but if you’re from the states you will so get this.
Spinsters Compass about life as an expat part 3 (do click on part 1 and 2 as well).

And let the crap begin at IPC blog, all the crap movies we shouldn’t see is being reviewed here. Shitfest 2013 Fall issue They are taking a bullet for us here so we wont have to see it, btw if you do read the post about the Sting movie, dont make my mistake and watch that clip. I still want my 2 and a half minute back of my life back but filmhipster is refusing to refund them back to me. 😉


Oh yeah! U pesky kids...

Bloggers paradise


I dont know about all you other bloggers out there but think we all got our space where we feel great just sitting, writing, composing our blogposts. For me this space is Costa coffee shop on the wencelas square, I do need  my table/couch, if someone else is sitting there, everything feels wrong 🙂 so my sunday today have been sitting here for 3 hours just relaxing and reading blogposts, life feels good. Happy sunday all.

And now for some of the posts/blogs I have been enjoying today and yesterday:

24 femmes per second, a great blog with sexy actresses from 50s and the 60s.

A lovely day friday when every Friday is boob day. Curvy, small, big, all sizes of sexy blogger boobs are on display.

A never disappointing blog A nine pound hammer.  Always great vintage photos.

I’ve loved you for a thousand years, maybe more.
Your light guides this heart of darkness
To a brighter place.
Your touch soothes the skin I can no longer feel.
Your voice made by angels sings
A lullaby that calms the demons
In my soul
And for that I am thankful

From Angelic dreams and devilish desires

and last but definitely not least, lovely Lucy V, click on the link for more over at Summertimes dungeon.


Just a mix of photos/links and reblogs…

Some nice links and photos I have found out there:

1st and by far such a great photographer but my god, this girl just knocked my socks off…

Frank De Mulder (colour):

fdm7 frandemulder2

:Frank De Mulder (black and white)
via Modelstar

I’ve run across a fair number of really good rants in my time, and I’d like to think that I’ve written a few good ones here and there myself, but this animated version of Tim Minchin’s “Storm” I found over on the Metousiosis blog has got to rank amongst the best of all time!

Great video, check it out at I Want Icewater



Playboy Playmate Nicole Nahrain (NSFW), click on the link or the photo for the full colour happiness 🙂


FHM Germany by *AncillaTilia

Click on the link to see the colour version (is actually so much nicer…)


Alice by Bakanekonei, 
must be seen in high-def colour….


Risa Kasumi – Maid and what a nice maid she is as well, check out the link for more of her….


Ran across this and thought to myself “Yep…I wanna be there” so I figured I’d share it with you. This is a 4 minute video excerpt of the D20 burlesque show, a Dungeons and Dragons themed naughtiness that makes nerds pants explode like a waking dead plague…
Read more at Blacksheep Codex and also to watch the video of this D&D Burlesque show.



from Gorgeous Company

Some sexy links and farewells…

Some nice links for you that was found on my list off reading I had waiting on my email this morning. The first one is a sad one for me at least, I loved this blog of weirdness and vintage love. Goodbye Roxy you will be missed from the blogosphere…


zgoodbye Yes, it’s true – this will be the last post for Retro Roxy.  As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with the blog.  It’s been an enormous amount of fun to bring you some of my most treasured memories, both real and hallucinated, and share with you a glimpse into the past.

I wish I could thank all my readers individually, but if you’re reading this, you already know how special you are to me.  And those of you who took the time to leave comments, well, you’re just the best!

For each of you, I wish that health, happiness, good fortune, and peace are with you always…

And now for some happier things:

wp1Maid gif, can never go wrong with an animated GIF of a hot maid.

Winter Kelly, an extremely sexy model…. to see her in full colour, do click on his link or the photo on your left…



8bitstocking8-bit stockings, for the stocking and nerd lover in you…

Some links for the sunday


Lynx Excite Angel Ambush London Victoria.

from Youtube – Advert stunt but really well made, wish I would have known about it.

An Alphabetic Assassination Attempt
from Shouts from the Abyss, well worth watching him going from A-Z each day and also if he is still alive afterwards 🙂

Stayin’ Alive In The Wall 
from I want Icewater: Mashup of Pink Floyd and Bee-Gees, it should be so wrong but is quite damn good…

Photography by Scott Church 
from The intoxication of Vera Roberts: Really beautiful photo…sexy_girls_in_thailand_beer_11

Friday Funny with Hitler
from Striking Thoughts: The Hitler video spoof of the Rebecca Black video (really really hilarious one…)

from Grumpy Old Fart: Love this kind of confession

Sexy Girls in Thailand’s Beer Commercial 

One picture on the left but loads more on his site.

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