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FWD: Lucy V

And my Xmas spirit is just getting better and better…

Via Summertime


Guestblog: Grumpy old fart

Vintage postcards, maids, Gabrielle Ray, Rosaleen Young and so much more from this great blogger. Enjoy Summertimes blog.

In his own words:
My wife, bless her tells me that I am rapidly becoming, or perhaps that should read have become a “Grumpy old fart”, so what better forum to spread my doom,  gloom and paranoia than WordPress.

I also have a love of old pictures, postcards and Edwardian Actresses, in particular Miss Gabrielle Ray which I hope to share at regular intervals. As my collection has grown I have set up another blog which contains only pictures of Miss Ray. Gabrielle Ray

I present: Grumpy old fart


Lucy V – Yellow Corset


Rosaleen Young – Genie Caged

New bride


Sorry I couldn’t resist the temptation to post this tribute to the Royal Wedding

Bloggers paradise


I dont know about all you other bloggers out there but think we all got our space where we feel great just sitting, writing, composing our blogposts. For me this space is Costa coffee shop on the wencelas square, I do need  my table/couch, if someone else is sitting there, everything feels wrong 🙂 so my sunday today have been sitting here for 3 hours just relaxing and reading blogposts, life feels good. Happy sunday all.

And now for some of the posts/blogs I have been enjoying today and yesterday:

24 femmes per second, a great blog with sexy actresses from 50s and the 60s.

A lovely day friday when every Friday is boob day. Curvy, small, big, all sizes of sexy blogger boobs are on display.

A never disappointing blog A nine pound hammer.  Always great vintage photos.

I’ve loved you for a thousand years, maybe more.
Your light guides this heart of darkness
To a brighter place.
Your touch soothes the skin I can no longer feel.
Your voice made by angels sings
A lullaby that calms the demons
In my soul
And for that I am thankful

From Angelic dreams and devilish desires

and last but definitely not least, lovely Lucy V, click on the link for more over at Summertimes dungeon.


FW: Lucy V

68xlqffcThis is just such a great photo, almost safe for work except for that deceitful cleavage but oh so sexy and titillating (make your own pun here…).

Thanks Grumpy Old Fart for brightening my day…

Lucy V – Jungle Honey

0202lvpa50064 via Grumpy Old Fart

Smoking // Lucy V



Lucy V


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