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Valeria Bardo

Valeria Bardo in XXL Magazine Ukraine

One hot girl, don’t know anything about her but anyone who can do that to the pasta and still be sexy deserves my vote Nyah-Nyah


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Todays pinup True Crime cover

true crime retro cover

Cover of vintage men’s magazine ‘Titter’ with lingerie-clad lady via Sheer Heaven

titter_vintage_mens_mag This is so the pinup art I love, my room is filled with these innocent but oh so sexy pinup pictures. via Sheer Heaven

And if you wanna see more classic pinup art, click here…

Lesbian Sin Song pulp fiction book cover (via Sheer Sluts)

Love the pulp fiction books covers, ‘a beautiful singer and a lovely nurse, who looked normal to the world’, yes because of course all lesbians otherwise looks abnormal to us. 😀 Gonna go off and do a search on the 2nd hand bookshops for this one..

Lesbian Sin Song pulp fiction book cover

via Sheer Sluts

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