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All maid up

ah well, Mr Summertime has had his auditions as well now and I gotta surrender before the armada of maids that has visited his hideout, his Emma is just amazing. Basetliens has also been nice enough to give us a glimpse of his long legged maid



Rincewind has risen to the maid challenge by employing Autumn, but my view is that she would only have limited uses.

Following my last post in this saga my maid left to take up an engagement with the delightful Belle de Jour, as a recipient of her “talents” I’m sure she will be much in demand.

In desperation to find a suitable replacement the agency suggested the talented Jasmine but due to a misunderstanding the booking was cancelled. I engaged what I though would be an accommodating trio of maids but they proved to be much too much trouble and required some severe restraint to keep them focused and they soon left my employment. To continue reading…







…and the frenchmen sure knows how to pick their maids as well wouldn’t you agree…

See more here



but not to finish on a sad note I still have my lovely latex beauty maid running along gagged and bound still, kinda tough cleaning the room bound but she seems to be ok with it. Bless her…

And as for the rest of my audition pictures, I might as well show them to you:

Charitto___Sexy_Maid_by_CatoKusanagi Cheeky_Maid_by_subshopautumn French_Maid_by_MariRainha Latex_Maid_by_thisismyalias Maid_Up_by_scottb

How it all started in order of blogposts:
1. Asian maid by Grumpy Old Fart
2. Chelsea French by Grumpy Old Fart
3. The maid challenge by Erotixx
4. The maid challenge by Grumpy Old Fart
5. The maid challenge part deux by Erotixx
6. Maid Challenge by Basetliens
7. The final maid challenge by Grumpy Old Fart

The maid challenge part deux

OTM_Gagged_Maid_by_bound_nicole_babe78 Over_the_mouth_gagged____maid_by_bound_nicole_babe78

oh my dear Summertime with your Maid Challenge attempt, I raise you a maid already gagged and she even brings her own cellotape, how’s that for efficiency 😀

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