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Cleanup anyone?





The day after…

Feel slightly guilty now especially since Summertime over at Grumpy Old Fart was nice enough to send some assistance cleaning up after the party.

Poor Ann Angel


But he did send 3 other lovely maids to help her out.

And to see the rest of the helpers click here at The party’s over.

Sunday cleaning

am at work on a sunday but I do hope my maid doesn’t have the same expression as Summertimes after seeing my flat today 🙂

Grumpy old fart!!!

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Good Morning

Ohh come on Summertime. Now you’re just showing off with your asians maids. 🙂

Grumpy old fart!!!

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Take a break

And have a kit kat… yummy asian maids.. need to get some of this to clean my dungeon 🙂

Grumpy old fart!!!

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My Saturday maids

Doing the weekend cleaning at my place…



Guestblog: Grumpy old fart

Vintage postcards, maids, Gabrielle Ray, Rosaleen Young and so much more from this great blogger. Enjoy Summertimes blog.

In his own words:
My wife, bless her tells me that I am rapidly becoming, or perhaps that should read have become a “Grumpy old fart”, so what better forum to spread my doom,  gloom and paranoia than WordPress.

I also have a love of old pictures, postcards and Edwardian Actresses, in particular Miss Gabrielle Ray which I hope to share at regular intervals. As my collection has grown I have set up another blog which contains only pictures of Miss Ray. Gabrielle Ray

I present: Grumpy old fart


Lucy V – Yellow Corset


Rosaleen Young – Genie Caged

New bride


Sorry I couldn’t resist the temptation to post this tribute to the Royal Wedding

The main maid…


Well that was a grand slam for day fives winner, she got almost 50% of the votes but yes she did rock so hope she will enjoy the party…


I know I will…

Heavenly maids: The final five

So after a hard couple of days we have the winners, there is no losers at Casa Erotixx but we do need to see who will be the head maid (yes can be interpreted any way you like :)).

Winner Day One:


Winner Day Two: and happy to see this pinup maid going through


Winner Day Three:


Winner Day Four:


Winner Day Five:


So who will it be…

Heavenly maids: Day Five

And the last five before the grand finale, when this is done you are all invited to casa Erotixx for scones and tea with my new 5 maids…

1. Gaaargghh…


2. Tabletop and maid combined, nice…


3. Nice position


5. Gaaaaarggh again (that means I’m off to the showers…)


5. I’m stuck…


Heavenly maids bonus

This first girl is soooo the one I want so no poll since I would be devastated if you guys would have voted her off 🙂


I mean just look at those lips, what they could do *drool*
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Heavenly maids: Day Four

Coming to the end soon of maid-o-mania so let’s do this…

1. Anything else needed dusted


2. Oops…


3. Look like I care?


4. Double trouble


5. Did I miss a spot?


Heavenly maids: Day Three

And the hunt for the perfect maid goes on…

1. Need a little helping hands


2. Whatever she is doing with that duster is working alright.


3. Love the cleavage…


4. Daydreaming…


5. Or maybe the outdoor maid for my garden..


Heavenly maids hentai bonus

And oh yes, Summertime is bringing on the big guns now with Gemma Massy and oh yes she is amazing so have to counter with some imaginary maids for now.


Heavenly maids: Day Two

1. Innocent one?


2. Always by my bedside


3. Tied up is good…


4. Ohhh those eyes…


5. The poser maid


And who will win today?


Heavenly maids: Day One

Summertime has the best maids harem in the country so need to get my house in order to be able to compete with the man so so lets do a poll. Will have 5 new ones every day and on monday lets see who the 5 finalists will be for my harem.

1. Lovely brunette…


2. Seducing me with her broom skills…


3.Or maybe the quiet one?


4. Or the slightly lazy one…


5. Lovely behind tushie…


So who should we go for today my fellow pervs 🙂


3 lovely maids…


Izumi + Mitsuki + Anna – He is my Master by GeniMonster

Smoking Maids

Reblogged from Grumpy old fart!!!:


What more can I wish for than a smoking maid, and Summertime has been ever better, he got me TWO smoking hot maids… you can drop them off anytime mate…

The three maids

the three maids

Congratulations Grumpy Old Fart

In honour for reaching his 1 millionth visitor to his blog, today is a Grumpy Old fart day at Erotixx. Reblogging galore for the day, hope you enjoy his blog post in all it’s glory. Since he does have so many post I did the only honourable thing and that was to put in the random command on his blog and whatever came up, is reblogged. Quite a lot of Rosaleen Young, hmm… wonder if he likes her at all. Winking smile

Can’t remember how I first got hold of Summertimes blog but am sure happy that I did, it is an excellent blog of slightly oddish things, fetishes, maids and old postcards in a big great mix of happiness.

“If you talk to God you’re religious. If God talks to you, you’re psychotic.”

His 1st howdy to everyone on WordPress: His first maid to be added to his collection:

Hello world!

My wife, bless her tells me that I am rapidly becoming, or perhaps that should read have become a “Grumpy old fart”, so what better forum to spread my gloom or paranoia that WordPress.

November 6, 2009 Posted by summertime75 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

and his 1st blogpost about the oh so hot Rosaleen Young:

Rosaleen Young – A Victorian Diary

This isn’t in keeping with my usual postings of postcards but Rosaleen Young is a favourite of mine, especially in period dress, so I trust viewers will forgive my indulgence. 82341_ry041a073_123_548lo

edwardian-house-maidSocial History

Collecting old postcard and pictures enables the viewer to glimpse a brief moment from that individual’s life; often far removed from their own either by the passage of time or social class. Often described as “history from below” they show everyday people, their social structure and the interaction of different groups. Like the wealthy and politicians these people helped shape and maintain society and so shape history.

Examining the images one can’t help but wonder how the individuals lived, were their lives hard compared with today and were they happy. Often the images come with little or no information that can answer these questions, one can only imagine.

With each image saved and seen by others so that moment, that person is kept alive, our understanding is increased and so our lives are enriched.

and he has also the gall to post pictures of my girlfriend Louise Brooks, oohhhh… and soon the maids started showing up at his blog more frequently and now even comes in bunny versions:
Louise Brooks



Rincewind has given us a very sexy cosplay catwoman, I’m not too sure how to describe this Cosplay offering other than she is equally as sexy.

But his big love is Ms Gabrielle Ray and why not, she was a stunning girl, so do check out his other blog just about Ms Ray at the aptly named blog Gabrielle Ray, he must have thought hard on what to name that blog Smile with tongue out

Gabrielle Ray (Rotary 4820 D)

My collection of Miss Ray, although small is growing and this is one of  my favourite pictures of her. gabrielle-ray-1908The photographer is able to manipulate the image through lighting, dress and expression. However there are times when, perhaps in an unguarded moment the subject is caught and the image produced conveys more than possibly intended. It may be that having read the final chapter of Miss Ray’s life, the heroes, villains, plot and ultimate ending is known and so our own interpretation of a particular image becomes coloured. For me this image shows Miss Ray as thoughtful, reflective but more than that, there is a sadness shown in her eyes. Has the photographer caught a prophetic image of the future, do her eyes give us a hint of her sad future? Hopefully not. When I saw this card I knew that I had to have it regardless of the cost. The post date is June 1908, Miss Ray would have been 21.

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