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Survived it…


Btw I did survive the marathon, not a record breaking pace exactly but got in at 5hrs 37minutes. Talk about pain but was such a great atmosphere that I didn’t care…

Take notice of my winners drink, was honestly the best beer ever at that moment 🙂

And the reason for my slow pace, see below:




Ok being slightly serious for once.. But doing the London marathon this weekend and some of what I get will go to the Boston fund.

I got already £400 but every little bit helps so doing a contest.

Whoever giving (no limits, you can give as little and as much as u want) and guess the time and can get closest to my final finishing time will win a €25 voucher at amazon.

The link: Run fatboy run


I want to break 4 hours
What I think is at least 5 hours to run.
I did 15km at 1 hour 10 minutes and 30 km at 3 hours something.

So give it your best shot.

But remember I’m a smoker so want to get to my ciggies as fast as possible. 🙂

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