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Martial art coolness

Wish I could find a youtube clip so that I could properly attach it but honestly watch it, even if you don’t fancy martial arts it’s damn cool exhibition. This is mainly for Bob over at Screaming abyss to enjoy while getting over his injury.

Kelly Hu

You may recognize Kelly Hu from her role as Lady Deathstrike from the movie X2: X-Men United.  Hu also won the role of The Sorceress opposite Dwayne Johnson in the movie The Scorpion King.  She is the voice of Sha Shan Nguyen in The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series as well.

She has been announced for this years Austin Wizard World Comicon.

Kelly Hu_03Kelly Hu_11Kelly Hu_12Kelly Hu_04   Kelly Hu_13 Kelly Hu_16 Kelly Hu_27Kelly Hu_17  Kelly Hu_28 Kelly Hu_29 Kelly Hu_30 

and yes, click on the smaller ones to see the big picture…

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My lovely blogroll

In no order of greatness, a list of my blogs I have to read. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do…

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Better with smoking

Great site for you smoking fetish people, lovely smokedawg is doing his best to give us the best smoking novellas around.

New today, Vice of Veil, kinkiness galore 🙂

After a little smoking fetish/sex-oriented action in the first chapter, and little hints of smoking in chapters thereafter, we FINALLY have it here in more full-fledged fetish mode, along with other kinkiness as well. And the next and final chapter (of this series; there will likely be a follow-up series eventually, though perhaps not posted on this blog…we’ll see) will be well and truly smoky, my friends, so stay tuned for that one soon.



Retro Roxy

This is one of my all-time favourites to read and enjoy. Just sit back and enjoy the tale of Roxy and her adventures. We need more Roxy around us.




A great site for erotic tales or in Fantasy Liliths own words:

Enjoy…. deep breath, smell the fragrance, taste the flavors, read the words, let me take you on a journey …. it’s positively sensual! These are my bedtime stories for you … just a little Pillow Talk.


Striking thoughts

This is probably the least possible site you would imagine me going in and enjoy, don’t know squat about martial arts but do enjoy reading about it especially with someone as good at writing and explaining as Bob Patterson is. If you like martial arts, check this one out.



The intoxication of Vera Roberts

Another awesome erotic tales site, this girl just pour them out and they are excellent to read, also some beautiful erotic pictures to look at helps a lot. Go in and be intoxicated as I am….



The thought experiment

Ohhh, what can I say, a must see… A absolut haven of playboy insights and a certain fetish with all Batman related 🙂 Great pictures but the articles are just awesome to read (yes, do read the articles as well, not just look at the pictures, I know u can do it…) 🙂



If I have missed someone out, please forgive me and send me a message and I will put u in there.

Sexy martial arts girls

So thanks to Bob Patterson (check out his site for proper martial art stuff, it got me hooked) I stumbled and googled martial arts today, was supposed to mend the fence today but guess that will wait until tomorrow instead 🙂

Found some amazing photos of gorgeous kick-ass girls. Enjoy.

Fighting Girls 173_23 Fighting Women 168_13

Fighting Women 171_03 Hot karate women_16Sexy Karate Girls 167_04

Sorry guys/girls, thought a little shock would be good for you, btw doesn’t she look a little bit to happy doing that kick 🙂

Sexy Karate Girls 167_06 Sexy Karate Girls 167_13 Sexy Karate Girls 167_14Sexy Karate Girls 167_23Bloody hell… 

Sexy Karate Girls 167_24 Sexy Karate Girls_38

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Naked kung-fu chick – awesome picture

I mean, can it get any better… always wanted a naked kung-fu chick 🙂

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