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Masuimi Max

Combo Masuimi Max + Steampunk + Dr Who = Awesome


Masuimi Max


The legendary and beautiful Masuimi Max for

FW: Goth girls looking good

Goth girls looking good >> reblog from October 2009

click on the girls to see original post


Kill Bill cosplay / Harley Quinn statue / Jehovas Witness knockers

Some lovely blog post from around the world… And I so am getting myself that Harley Quinn statue…

Geeking Out: Kill Bill


Here is a cosplay for Kill Bill featuring model Masuimi Max! If you have not heard of her look her up! Maybe you will see more of her here, what do you Overdosers think?

Kotobukiya Presents: DC Comics Harley Quinn Bishoijo Statue


Coming up next in the DC Comics Bishoujo Collection (combining DC’s super heroines and villains with traditional Japanese stylings) is the fan favorite, the sexy wacked out psychologist turned harlequin super villain, HARLEY QUINN!

How To Keep Jehova’s Witnesses From Knocking


Just such a knockout picture…

And one for the bricklayers out there Rolling on the floor laughing

hit a brickwall

Todays pinup Masuimi Max

masuimi max


The always sexy Masuimi Max.

Masuimi Max Cowgirl

masumi max cowgirl

Masuimi Max, London 2002 – A less known photograph from the session I did with Masuimi in London. Latex cowgirl outfit by Torture Garden. Photographed with the Mamiya 645.

by ~stevedietgoedde

Masuimi Max as Poison Ivy


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