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Late entry for Happy 145th Canada

Sorry, all forgot to congratulate the Canadians on their day yesterday so as a token of my apprecaition for you Canucks out there, thank you for giving us Sunny Leone… and if you want to see a proper Canadian celebrating, go check out Bobs Happy 145th Birthday Canada: a photoblog from the Forks Market

Sunny Leone (born May 13, 1981) is a Canadian pornographic actress, actress, businesswoman and model of dual Canadian/U.S. nationality. She was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003 and was a contract star for Vivid Entertainment. Named by Maxim as one of the 12 top porn stars in 2010, she has also played roles in independent mainstream films and television shows.

Tianna Ta

Don’t know crap about baseball but I think I have a reason to learn now…

tianna ta

Tianna Ta – Maxim

Sexy Post of the Day: Ciara « The Intoxication of Vera Roberts

I’m in love, thanks Vera for finding these great shots.

holy moley...

To see more and belive me, you do wanna see more, click on the link below:  Sexy Post of the Day: Ciara (courtesy of Maxim Magazine) « The Intoxication of Vera Roberts.

Sexy Gina Carano

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false] tumblr_kz8p2wqL2L1qzuhajo1_400Gina Joy Carano (born April 16, 1982) is an American mixed martial arts fighter, model and actress. Carano appeared as the Gladiator "Crush" on American Gladiators. She has been referred to as the "Face of Women’s MMA."

In May 2009 it was announced that Carano was ranked #16 in Maxims Hot 100 list and why not, she has body to die for.

I do like them athletic girls, but being a gamer the greatest picture is of course the Red Alert 3 picture… oooohhhh. 🙂




 gina-caranomGina-Carano-Maxim-Pic-3tumblr_l02erecU6u1qbwwjwo1_400 gina_carano_red_alert_3gina-carano-pics-004tumblr_l0o4siqIWC1qaj873o1_500tumblr_l0o7kpdGit1qae8yao1_400  

 and wanna see some of her fighting skills, enjoy: 

Sexy UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]


UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste was recently selected by Maxim Magazine to join their exclusive Hot 100 list for 2010.

She’s starting to make a name for herself as the sexiest Octagon girl in the UFC. The inter-round number holder from Las Vegas has been at it for three years.

I might have gone a little overboard but found way to many nice pictures of this girl… 😀

And of course, click on the thumbnails for the bigger picture…

Her website here and the twitter page there…


arianny_celeste_pics Arianny-Celeste-1 Arianny-Celeste-2 Arianny-Celeste-3 Arianny-Celeste-4 Arianny-Celeste-5 Arianny-Celeste-6 Arianny-Celeste-7 Arianny-Celeste-8-595x892 Arianny-Celeste-9 Arianny-Celeste-10 Arianny-Celeste-11 Arianny-Celeste-12 Arianny-Celeste-13-595x890 Arianny-Celeste-14 Arianny-Celeste-15-595x890  Arianny-Celeste-18-595x335Arianny-Celeste-17  Arianny-Celeste-19 Arianny-Celeste-20 Arianny-Celeste-21 Arianny-Celeste-22 Arianny-Celeste-23



Arianny-Celeste-24 Arianny-Celeste-25 Arianny-Celeste-26 Arianny-Celeste-27 Arianny-Celeste-28Arianny-Celeste-30 Arianny-Celeste-31 Arianny-Celeste-32 Arianny-Celeste-33 Arianny-Celeste-34 Arianny-Celeste-35 Arianny-Celeste-36 Arianny-Celeste-37 Arianny-Celeste-38 Arianny-Celeste-39 Arianny-Celeste-40 Arianny-Celeste-41 Arianny-Celeste-42 Arianny-Celeste-44 Arianny-Celeste-45 Arianny-Celeste-46 

Sci-fi Week: Alessandra Torresani (Caprica)

The new kid on the block, she is now starring in the new spin-off series of Battlestar Galactica called Caprica.

Have just gone through episode one and two and am not sure what to think about it, it could be good but also has a big possibility of going to the dumpster for me, sci-fi soap, hmmm… not sure yet, will watch ep 3 and 4 tonite… or follow her on twitter 

Also you could listen to this interview from Sci-fi talk regarding the 1st season of Caprica.

Caprica-Alessandra-Torresani Alessandra-Torresani-CapricaAlessandra-Torresani-Cylon-BabeAlessandra-Torresani-HotAlessandra-Torresani-Maxim Alessandra-Torresani-Maxim-pictureAlessandra-Torresani

Click here or check out the archives for the rest of the Sci-fi weeks posts.
And also click on the pictures for bigger size.

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