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Sexy girls wearing the US flag proudly

This would have been perfect for the 04th of july but I think you will forgive me for posting it so late, just enjoy these patriotic girls.

Sexy hot Asian girls 4

continued from Sexy asians 3… my final big post of sexy asian girls for a while…

Sexy hot Asian girls 3

continued from Sexy asians 2… some more asian love for you in my absence …

to be continued..

Sexy hot Asian girls 2

continued from Sexy asians… now with even more, 78 hotties…

to be  continued soon…

Sexy hot Asian girls

I just have way to many hot asian chicks and trying to do some single post about each and every one would keep me going blogging for quite some time so let’s start with the first 50…  to be  continued soon…

The Alvarado babes

favorite_bathing_suit_by_hihosteverino-d49vvb4You know what, I was planning on holding on to these babes for my Todays pinup collection but bugger that, got enough posts there. Enjoy!

About Robert Alvarado, United States in his own words:

“I’m actually just a regular guy really, doing what I love. I’ve been doing predominately Pin-Up/Boudoir type photography for the last 4 years as it seems to fit my style very well I am a very visual person, and have always been drawn to art and anything graphic. I have always appreciated the female form and growing up in the late 50’s early 60’s, can recall looking at the magazines with illustrations of women. I have basically turned those memories into the art form you see in my images today. It is very nice thing that others appreciate what I do and for that I am very grateful.
I must say that I have had a lot of help though, great Make Up Artist, Hair Stylists and stunning models. When you have a good team to work with you’re bound to get good results. I just hope others enjoy the art form as much as I do. And…the biggest thing in my photography is… Having FUN!”


via Alvarado

In It To Win It

Don Diablo – In it to win it (X-Rated Version) by Don Diablo

After recording the video for Don Diablo’s new single “Mezelluf” the girls kept playing…and the cameras kept rolling…Check the original video for “Mezelluf”, shot at over 30 locations, here:

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Great mexican pinup photographer and his sexy shots

gabrielgarciadealba_by_gabrielgarciadealba-d3ra8k9Was so happy to have found this Mexican photographer, Gabriel has done a great set of pinup shots which are just lovely and enjoyable. Made me smile looking at them with the sexy innocence that a nice pinup shot should have. Btw, if you don’t go visit his site, he will come and haunt you, you know he means business when he is pointing at you Smile with tongue out  —————>


Quick bio:

Name: Gabriel Garcia de Alba

    • Current Residence: Playa del Carmen
    • Interests: Photography Life Experience
    • Favourite movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey
    • Favourite band or musician: Pearl Jam
    • Favourite genre of music: Grunge, Rock
    • Favourite poet or writer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    • Favourite photographer: Cris Romagosa
    • Favourite style of art: Pin Up
    • Favourite game: Syphone Filter
    • Favourite gaming platform: PS1
    • Personal Quote: una fotografia no roba un momento, ni lo congela… una fotografia es parte de una historia… (sorry don’t know Spanish all to well but think it something about photos being part of history… I primarily know una cerveza por favor, used frequently when in Spain.. Open-mouthed smile )

Twitter: ggaphoto
Deviant art:



It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night! (via I Want Ice Water)

I thought you guys might like this video from over at my place:

via It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night!

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Men aren’t attracted to a girl in glasses: Friends of the library edition


What’s got two thumbs and became a Friend of the Library this week? This flyass bitch right here, that’s who!

Now how do I tell the library I’m ready to take our relationship to the Next Level?

via The Thought Experiment

Italian seaside town planning miniskirt ban

This is just so wrong, if I was an italian I would go there to protest against the inhumanity of this decision.  

41oiqj8J8wL._AA280_A seaside city in Italy is planning to ban miniskirts and other revealing clothing to improve what the mayor calls standards of public decency.

Castellammare di Stabia is trying to be the latest location in Italy to make use of new powers to crack down on what is deemed to be anti-social behaviour.

Mayor Luigi Bobbio said the regulations would help "restore urban decorum and facilitate better civil co-existence".

Offenders would face fines of between 25 ($35) and 500 euros ($696).

"Nothing too revealing" is the new policy Mayor Bobbio wants to enforce, says the BBC’s Duncan Kennedy in Rome.

e7-85x11 copyThat means a tough new dress code which would effectively outlaw everything from miniskirts to low-cut jeans when people walk around Castellammare di Stabia, our correspondent adds.

Mr Bobbio, from the centre-right People of Freedom party, says he wants to target people who are "rowdy, unruly or simply badly behaved".

There will also be a ban on sunbathing, playing football in public places, and blasphemy, if the proposals are approved at a council meeting on Monday.

"I think it’s the right decision," a local parish priest, Don Paulo Cecere, told the Cronache di Napoli newspaper. "It’s also a way of combating the rise in sexual harassment."

Castellammare di Stabia is latest city to make use of the extra powers handed down by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government to mayors, in the effort to fight crime and confront anti social behaviour.

In other places they have banned sandcastles, kissing in cars, feeding stray cats, wooden clogs and the use of lawn mowers at weekends.

via BBC News

  4006493380_fa227c3667CherrySkirtSet_Front1627916817_8fb30d6b7c  sexy-girl-with-red-mini-skirt1798-too-short-mini-skirts

<— Sometimes maybe it can be a little bit too short though… 2705540306_3dc7d83d8c

Sultry Saturday (via I Want Ice Water)

Just being blown away with this video of two of my favourites…

Sultry Saturday Here’s a video by a guy trying to choose between Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima for the focus of his love. Po Thang! I want ice water. … Read More

via I Want Ice Water

Updates for my pinup collection

My page for the pinups of july month, see them all here.

500fullfreidapinto Amelia_and_Jenna_The_Kiss_by_hihosteverinoback_to_school_by_katkillHot_rod_mama_by_candeecampbell   lollipop pinupMartini_Time__Redux_by_deanreevesiipinup_in_pink_by_candeecampbellPinup_Sweetheart_by_angi87  

Have also added some new pinups to my pinup collection.

Classic pinup artists:

Fritz Willis, pure genious with the canvas.
>>> Click here for more

willis18 FritzWillis_01 FritzWillis_09 FritzWillis_18 

George Petty, another great one, most remembered for his Memphis Belle artnose pinup.

>>> Click here for more.

petty68 GeorgePetty_37 petty03 petty50 petty57 petty63 [tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]

Girls of Summer: Jean Jani, Miss July 1957 (via The Thought Experiment)

this girl is just so amazingly stunning, just a huge thanks to Playboy in the 50’s…

Girls of Summer: Jean Jani, Miss July 1957 Photographed by one-of-a-kind supafly sweetie pie Mr. Peter Gowland! The lovely and talented Miss July 1957 was Jean Jani, from Dayton, Ohio. Although Playboy implies in her write-up (emphasis on the lies half of that word) that Ms. Jani was a stewardess, she was actually a reservations clerk for United Airlines. Will explain shortly. We were winging our way to a busy week of conferences with authors and agents, and our mind was filled with thoug … Read More

via The Thought Experiment

Wet dreams

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Well, we all have them so why not enjoy looking at some of the wet girls out there…


The World’s Most Beautiful Women, 1950s-1980s

The World’s Most Beautiful Women, 1950s-1980s [tweetmeme source=”erotixx” only_single=false]

audrey-hepburn-poster-c11738523Every year, PEOPLE magazine puts together a list of the 100 folks on the planet it deems the most talented, inspiring, and, yes, gorgeous. The 2010 World’s Most Beautiful People issue hits newsstands April 30, and features today’s most striking stars. But what about the classic beauties of decades past?

Check out Life’s gallery of outstanding beauties.

Fight Club photoshoot from Grinch7

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#1 – The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club.
#2 – The second rule of Fight Club is, you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.
#3 – If someone says stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over.
#4 – Two guys to a fight.
#5 – One fight at a time.
#6 – No shirts, no shoes.
#7 – Fights will go on as long as they have to.
#8 – If this is your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight.

Loved the movie and really like these pictures from Grinch7, excellent work.

Fight_CLub5_by_Grinch7Fight_CLub6_by_Grinch7 Fight_CLub4_by_Grinch7Fight_CLub7_by_Grinch7Fight_CLub8_by_Grinch7 Fight_CLub9_by_Grinch7 Fight_CLub17_by_Grinch7 Fight_CLub14_by_Grinch7Fight_CLub10_by_Grinch7Fight_CLub3_by_Grinch7Fight_CLub12_by_Grinch7 Fight_CLub15_by_Grinch7Fight_CLub13_by_Grinch7   Fight_CLub16_by_Grinch7

Sexy picdump with gorgeous girls #004

Just a quick post with some gorgeous pictures. Click on them for bigger size. 

 Sexy Girls_146 Sexy Girls_147 Sexy Girls_148 Sexy Girls_150Sexy Girls_149Sexy Girls_179  Sexy Girls_151 Sexy Girls_152 Sexy Girls_153 Sexy Girls_154 Sexy Girls_155  Sexy Girls_157  Sexy Girls_159 Sexy Girls_160 Sexy Girls_161 Sexy Girls_162 Sexy Girls_163 Sexy Girls_164 Sexy Girls_165 Sexy Girls_166 Sexy Girls_167 Sexy Girls_168 Sexy Girls_169 Sexy Girls_170 Sexy Girls_171 Sexy Girls_172  Sexy Girls_174 Sexy Girls_175 Sexy Girls_176 Sexy Girls_177 Sexy Girls_178Sexy Girls_173

Sexy picdump with gorgeous girls #003

Just a quick post with some gorgeous pictures. Click on them for bigger size.

Sexy Girls_145 Sexy Girls_101  Sexy Girls_114Sexy Girls_103 Sexy Girls_104 Sexy Girls_105 Sexy Girls_106 Sexy Girls_107 Sexy Girls_108 Sexy Girls_109 Sexy Girls_110 Sexy Girls_111 Sexy Girls_112 Sexy Girls_113   Sexy Girls_116   Sexy Girls_119Sexy Girls_118 Sexy Girls_117Sexy Girls_120 Sexy Girls_121 Sexy Girls_122 Sexy Girls_123   Sexy Girls_126 Sexy Girls_125Sexy Girls_124Sexy Girls_127 Sexy Girls_128 Sexy Girls_130Sexy Girls_131Sexy Girls_129   Sexy Girls_132 Sexy Girls_134Sexy Girls_136Sexy Girls_137Sexy Girls_133     Sexy Girls_138 Sexy Girls_139  Sexy Girls_141  Sexy Girls_143 Sexy Girls_144

Sexy picdump with gorgeous girls #002

Just a quick post with some gorgeous pictures. Click on them for bigger size.

Best (29) Best (30) Best (31) Best (32) Best (33) Best (34)    Best (38)   Best (41) Best (42) Best (43) Best (44) Best (48)Best (45) Best (46) Best (47) Best (49)  Best (50) Best (51) Best (52) Best (57)Best (54) Best (56)  simone261920x1200snowdon641920x1200Best (58)       sofia361920x1200 sofia431920x1200 sofia441920x1200 sofia801920x1200 sofia821920x1200 sofia1011920x1200 sofia1261920x1200

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