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Monika Pietrasinska


Monika Pietrasinska or Banyka Deborah Dipell is one of the most beautiful woman that you will ever find.

Banyka is of a Mexican and Polish heritage. Stunning beauty with an absolutely incredible figure .

In Europe, she is known as Monika Pietrasinska, a famous Polish model and actress.

Banyka Deborah Dipell is a Polish model. She was born on December 2, 1987 in Warsaw Poland , She grew up in a wealthy family. Immediately after birth, she went to Warsaw University , Poland Is My Home . She considers Warsaw the city of her birth.

Her real name is Banyka Deborah Dipell De la Riva. However, for modeling and acting she goes by the name Monika Pietrasinska. She embraces both names, but she loves it when people call her Banyka. Banyka started using Monika Pietrasinska soon after starting her career Poland. She is known as the “Famous Polish model Monika Pietrasinska”.

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