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More of Morena Baccarin

I did promise some more Morena Baccarin didn’t I…

Morena_Baccarin_Wallpaper_by_ariane179254morena_baccarin_wallpaper_pic-1270580899morena111920x1440 (1)morena-baccarin_bbd2d88cMorena-Baccarin-003-1600x1200

Day 4 last years sci-fi week

day4A quiet day for my sci-fi week but I do love this girl to bits, so that’s why I’m having one post about her this year with more pictures of this sexy girl together with some other from the Whedon universe later this week. Enjoy Morena Baccarin people.

Sci-fi Week: Morena Baccarin (V, Firefly, SG: Atlantis)

morenabaccarinvtvseriespromomq032Morena Baccarin shot to fame as the space companion Inara on Firefly, and she had a popular reoccuring role on Stargate: Atlantis as the god-like Adria. She was rumored to play Wonder Woman a couple of years ago, before WB shelved the project.

And now we get to see her eat rodents as a sexy lizard in disguise! What could be better than that?


And also click on the pictures for bigger size.

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