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Ok Go and The Muppets

Well, I do love the Muppets and this is one cool video…

Jim Henson – Wilkin’s Coffee Ads, 1957 – 1961 (via The Invisible Agent)

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via The Invisible Agent

Happy easter holidays everyone

Well, easter is upon us with chocolate dreams and some other religious things (can never remember what religious thing… hmmmm…) Anyway, it means a few day off work so I’m ok with religion at the moment 🙂 I probably won’t be posting that much since my family is coming over from Sweden so will be out enjoying the sunshine (yes, we actually have sun in the UK sometimes) and BBQ:ing… So for you all, ENJOY!


sexy_easter_bunnies_41 sexy-easter-bunny-14

and a nice little bunny song from the Muppet show never goes wrong:

Chloe Bello doing the nasty to Kermit

at least he does looks really really… really happy…

















via Modelstar

Silly monday

Have the day off today so thought I get rid of some stuff collected during the week that I haven’t posted so here goes with some random silliness and awesome animated gifs and of course sexy girls, hey…

tumblr_l5uhmw70mS1qa2asbo1_1280 (1)Well, hello ladies… How u dooing..


Brilliant demonstration,
hope it was Pride Parade in town…











Not a big fan of Steven Seagal but I would pay money to see this movie made.











No comments needed for the below picture, just wanna bite and hold on to that booty.


The below photo is so darn cute and sexy      
I just couldn’t belive it.                                                    Who’s the king baby…


Easter violence from The Muppets

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]Happy easter from the muppets, always good with some muppet violence now and then 🙂

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