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Guestblog: The Milf Diary

Ok this girl has just started her blog this month, may 2012 but she has taken my inbox with storm, so many stories coming from the truly filthy mind of  Milfee (and I love it!). Sexy, erotic, and outrageous sex stories and fantasies that will make you gasp and in need of plenty of cold showers.  Plus she is a bloody stunner as well and not afraid to show it…

I present The Milf Diary

In her own words:

I am a full time caregiver to adults with disabilities and a full time MILF. This is my story as a mother to a 2 year old boy, a lover, a sex addict and a MILF. So come share your adventures with me, and I will share mine as well. Enjoy!



So here comes my lucky number 5 randomized posts from her blog (except for the 1st one which is always going to be the 1st blog post they’ve made).

Her 1st post:

For Starters….

san-jose-20120127-00546This is the first post I have written on here so I do not know exactly where to begin. A little bit about myself, I am not your everyday blond bombshell. I am much more than that. I am proud to say that yes, I am a MILF. I struggle with it everyday whether it be random men picking up on me at the gas station or guy friends wanting to be something more. Men have an issue with the fact that I am taken, I am sexy, and I am confident. I have a bit of an obsession with getting ink work done on my body, it tells my story without even having to talk to anyone and the fewer words I have to say to people, usually the better. I have a horrid way with getting my words out, usually that leads to trouble in a good way or sometimes in a bad way. I usually keep quiet around men, they think I am being mysterious, in reality it is because they probably would want to duck tape my mouth shut, bend me over the table and have their way with me. I do have an awful laugh so I assume that also portrays into the ducktape fantasy or gag ball fantasy. Either way, I cannot complain I suppose.

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I want to be…

I want to be held.

I want to be teased.

I want to be tormented.

I want to be kissed.

I want to be fondled.

I want to be groped.

I want to be pinned.

I want to be licked.

I want to be nibbled.

I want to be choking on cock.

I want to be pleasing you.

I want to be fucked.

Over and over.

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Hotel Room service Anyone?

I miss going on trips to hotels with my man. Going out of town just to get a hotel for a few nights, have a few too many shots of Whipped Smirnoff Vodka to the point I lose all inhibitions and let him have his way with me, any place in that room, any place on me. Playing with plugs in my ass as my pussy is being penetrated. Being tied up by my his shirt and using my g-string as a gag. I miss those kinds of days.


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I miss you…

…You come up behind me, lay on top of me and trace your fingers on my neck, drawing them up to my ear, tickling me lightly. I love the attention you are giving me. You drag your fingers down my spine and stop at my tail bone. You laugh a little bit more. I can tell you love teasing me. I do not blame you either because I am enjoying this quite a bit myself.


You trace my neck to spine with the tip of your tongue, kissing me every so often as you work your way back down. I can tell you have missed me quite a lot and you are making up for lost time. I feel you strip me down, removing my bra and thong. As you press up against me, I can tell you are undressed as well. I feel your hard, throbbing cock behind me, pressing against my tight ass. I ask you what I feel against it, and you deny it being there so I let you off the hook even though I know better.

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Audrey Hepburn

“There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don’t need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal, picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain.”
– Audrey Hepburn



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Guestblog: Gillian Colbert

There is so many superb blogs around on WordPress and the net so in hope that people want to find new ones, I thought I might do a post now and then about my favourites out there…

The first one up is Gillian Colbert and her blog Black Door Press

One amazing blogger who has a superb mix of erotic novels, poetry and sexy pictures. But she is also not afraid to talk about herself. So if you feel like you want to enjoy some clever writing I can promise you a brilliant time on her blog.

In her own words:

Gillian Colbert

25868b428f97c78d4a374a7e07108e42Gillian Colbert discovered writing later in life, but is now addicted to words, syllables and phrases. She loves books and stories of all shapes, sizes and genres, but most of all Gillian loves to write about people overcoming their insecurities and finding their mate. After all, risk and passion are what make life worth living.
In her spare time, Gillian is a mother and dog owner. Her two Pitbulls have proven to be a love story in and of themselves. Every day, their affection and bond grows and deepens. In truth, their deep canine affection with its angst, joy, play and encouragement is inspiration for Gillian. Everyone should love so purely.

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” – Gustave Flaubert


So here comes my lucky number 5 randomized posts from her blog (except for the 1st one which is always going to be the 1st blog post they’ve made).

Her 1st post:

The Art of Writing Smut

“… For me, when I’m writing the sex scenes, I know I’ve got it right when I also respond to what I’m writing. If the scene I just wrote left me flat, I delete it and start again. Sex is not purely physical. A huge part of it is mental and emotional. I don’t care how physically stimulating sex is, if I can’t get my mind off the chores or the grocery list, nothing is going to happen.

As an author, I believe it is my job to capture the reader’s imagination. To make them a voyeur into the lives of the characters I’m writing about. I can only do that if I engage their senses along with their imagination. By its very nature, that means that my own are engaged as well. Some of my favorite scenes left me breathless and edgy.

I guess, in all, what I’m trying to say is if you aren’t emotionally and sensually engaged in the telling of the story, how can your audience be engaged in the reading? All writing should be self-seductive into what ever state of mind is called for.”

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My Bitch Card Has Been Revoked

For the vast majority of my life, I’ve been able to turn on my “Bitch” at a moment’s notice. She was always in my back pocket ready to shield me from the assholes and dickheads of the world waiting to step on my Magic Shell® coated heart. I relied on her to stand between me and the hurt feelings I was so determined to avoid.

I looked for her tonight. I couldn’t find her.

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Gillian’s Sexual Bucket List
…  My one and only item on my bucket list is to find a man whom I trust and respect enough to offer him my mind, body and heart with no reservation. Who cares enough for me that he will take my gift and reshape it in such a fashion that I am only improved for it. Whose domination of me is the symbiosis of my submission and therefore we are nothing but synergistic together. My sexual submission to this man will determine every experience thereafter.

I will be his to shape, his to master, his to play. The song I sing with my pleasured sighs and pained orgasmic cries will be his to conduct. I will be the instrument of his pleasure and he will tune me as he sees fit. The resulting melody we make is all the satisfaction I’ll need.

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The Fallacy of a Woman’s Sexual Prime


At thirty-eight years old, I am supposedly entering my sexual prime. Now, I admit that I’ve become possessed by the hormones of an adolescent teenager and have sex on the brain a ridiculous amount of the time. However, I also notice a proportional rise in my desire to have another baby before I run out of time and then it hit me. The “sexual prime” for a woman is really just sneaky biology trying to get that last ditch effort in to use your eggs before they expire for good.

What better way to get you to fulfill your biological imperative to contribute to the survival of the human race through procreation than by creating in you a simultaneous urge to fuck your everlovin brains out. More bang for the buck so to speak. Or should it be more bang in the fuck??? I know that kind of sucked, but I’m in a “seriously bad pun” mood. *heehee*

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1 (1720)

Mind Trip Visions

My gaze falls on the page
I want desperately
to write something sage,
poignant or profound

Words bounce ’round
my brain. Struggling
in vain for release

There’ll be no peace
in me until all can see
this poem picture
of mind trip visions

That lays siege
to this mental stricture
imposed by my insecurity

By my desperation
to achieve poetic purity

That perfect translation
of image, scent and touch

I don’t think I’m asking too much

A blank canvas layered in ink,
syllables and words

A symbiosis of thought
and expression

My nerves stretch tight
I sink towards depression

I’ve tried with all my might
but now must concede
else watch my picture recede
from my perception

I guess I’ll have to be satisfied
with perfect imperfection.

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My lovely blogroll

In no order of greatness, a list of my blogs I have to read. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do…

= Twitter page


Better with smoking

Great site for you smoking fetish people, lovely smokedawg is doing his best to give us the best smoking novellas around.

New today, Vice of Veil, kinkiness galore 🙂

After a little smoking fetish/sex-oriented action in the first chapter, and little hints of smoking in chapters thereafter, we FINALLY have it here in more full-fledged fetish mode, along with other kinkiness as well. And the next and final chapter (of this series; there will likely be a follow-up series eventually, though perhaps not posted on this blog…we’ll see) will be well and truly smoky, my friends, so stay tuned for that one soon.



Retro Roxy

This is one of my all-time favourites to read and enjoy. Just sit back and enjoy the tale of Roxy and her adventures. We need more Roxy around us.




A great site for erotic tales or in Fantasy Liliths own words:

Enjoy…. deep breath, smell the fragrance, taste the flavors, read the words, let me take you on a journey …. it’s positively sensual! These are my bedtime stories for you … just a little Pillow Talk.


Striking thoughts

This is probably the least possible site you would imagine me going in and enjoy, don’t know squat about martial arts but do enjoy reading about it especially with someone as good at writing and explaining as Bob Patterson is. If you like martial arts, check this one out.



The intoxication of Vera Roberts

Another awesome erotic tales site, this girl just pour them out and they are excellent to read, also some beautiful erotic pictures to look at helps a lot. Go in and be intoxicated as I am….



The thought experiment

Ohhh, what can I say, a must see… A absolut haven of playboy insights and a certain fetish with all Batman related 🙂 Great pictures but the articles are just awesome to read (yes, do read the articles as well, not just look at the pictures, I know u can do it…) 🙂



If I have missed someone out, please forgive me and send me a message and I will put u in there.

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