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Sexy Canadians: Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke (born August 27, 1976) is a Canadian actress known for portraying Dr. Elliot Reid on the comedy Scrubs. She most recently starred in the sitcom Mad Love, which aired during the spring of 2011.

But I do adore this blonde fox in her nurses outfit, yummy…

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now this would be a perfect dream…


The Nurse

sexy nurse

Summer sickness / nurses nurses

tumblr_lneftuqDkd1qegcldo1_500This is just disgusting, we have +27 degrees C (80.6F) here in the UK. It’s gorgeous and beautiful and one can just imagine all the lovely things walking around London now and what do I do??? I manage to get hold of some stupid flu/fever/cold crap so here I am in bed, sniffling away. The world is so not fair.

So in this state of despair I have called my nurse so with her help I should be up and about in no time.


Girl-on-girl shots

Some girl-on-girl photos for your pleasure today…

lickingloving nursesred kisssexy girlssexy table

Todays pinup


via lfeath1562

With all these Classic Icons I felt I had to take a break and what better way than to look at naughty nurse… they sure don’t look like this in my nearby hospital.

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