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Sexy nurse Aisling Dee

I need to find the hospital  that has her on payroll  🙂


… think I’m feeling a cough coming.. 😆

A nurse for Vinnieh

Since Vinnieh is under the weather I thought I send Danii Harwood over but he probably will take a long time recovering now 😆

Nursing a cigarette 

Be a nurse they said…


🙂 but I totally understand and truly appreciate what they are doing. Awesome work for shitty wages so kudos to all nurses out there.

Nurse cosplay


Whatever hospital she’s working for I want be admitted to 😉

On the recovery now..


Or I might stay in the hospital just a tad longer…

Masuimi Max


The legendary and beautiful Masuimi Max for

The nurse is in…


After the maids liberation front from camp Summertimes “armed and dangerous” tried to rescue my underpaid maids from my dungeon I needed some medical attention.

But we did get a prisoner caught so almost all good.


Nurse, spanking… hmm all good.

For the summer Olympics I want nurses spanking on the roster…


Freaky nurse


This picture really freaks me out but I cant help being slightly intoxicated by that nurse, what’s wrong with me!

[about Nurse Ratched]
McMurphy: Well I don’t wanna break up the meeting or nothin’, but she’s somethin’ of a cunt, ain’t she Doc?

Todays pinup

jillian delovelee

Model:  Jillian DeLoveLee

Sexy Canadians: Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke (born August 27, 1976) is a Canadian actress known for portraying Dr. Elliot Reid on the comedy Scrubs. She most recently starred in the sitcom Mad Love, which aired during the spring of 2011.

But I do adore this blonde fox in her nurses outfit, yummy…

Sarah-Chalke-sarah-chalke-7346491-1600-1200600full-sarah-chalke (2)600full-sarah-chalke (3)600full-sarah-chalke (4)600full-sarah-chalke (5)600full-sarah-chalke (1)600full-sarah-chalke600full-sarah-chalke (6)600full-sarah-chalke (7)

now this would be a perfect dream…


The Nurse

sexy nurse

Featured pinup by Sarah Troester – Inspired by Betty Page

inspired_by_Betty_Page_No_1_by_snottling1 inspired_by_Betty_Page_No_2_by_snottling1

via the lovely photographer Sarah Tröster

Featured pinup by Sarah Troester –


and as usual this doesn’t happen when the nurse comes around to me… *sigh*

by the lovely Sarah Tröster

Oh those nurses…

the nurse is in the house sexy asian nurse

I’m so checking in…

Sexy drawn nurse

sexy nurse comic

Todays pinup – Really angry nurse


Bus company criticised over sexy ‘matron’ adverts


The West Midlands-based Diamond Bus Company described the ad – which pictures a blonde wearing a figure-hugging Ann Summers-style dress alongside the slogan ”Ooooh matron!” – as harmless fun designed to promote a route serving a hospital.

But local nursing representatives and Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust have called on Diamond to axe the ”degrading” image from the back of its buses.

Don’t give up Diamond Bus Company, it’s a great ad and if the nurses can’t take a joke, well… tough…

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