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Reading pleasure via Social OD

Damn, I got aroused watching this video…

“This is a video of a Tatted Portuguese girl reading a book while she is being “pleasured”…who thinks of this?? They need to be honored!!”

via Social Overdose


I think the picture really does says it all…


Socialist Catalonian Party Vote – Woman Has Orgasm

Quite a superb ad about the pleasures of voting, I think I will vote next

year as well now this one did get banned from the spanish TV…

Sex by numbers

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]Ohhh we have stats once again, I love this. I noticed that most of these stats are from the states so don’t know if this is approximately the same in Europe but should be.

33-50% are not satisfied by how they get orgasm or not get it, this is both a girl and boys problem, talk people, talk… Most of my girlfriends were quite liberal in the way we talked about what we enjoyed and vice versa. Some off my girlfriends were too shy to mention what they enjoyed which kinda makes it a hit and miss and pretty much a waste of time. So talk about what you want out of it.

and the big suprise of these stats was the 33% of the girls who couldn’t find their own G-spot, damn… no wonder we guys might have problems in that case.

Hope you read and enjoy. Quite fun to look into.

female-orgasm-by-the-numbers1 condoms-infographic

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