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Alternate Disney worlds

Ohhh I so adore whoever did these ones. Poor Winnie the pooh..

Extremely Funny Porn Movie Parodies #3 (via Bolevin)

There is actually a couple of good pornos among these parodies. A Clockwork orgy is damn good and so is A midsummers nights cream with the lovely Nina Hartley… 


1.   The Sex Files (The X-Files) 2.   Honey I Blew…Everybody (Honey, I Blew Up the Kid) 3.   Big Trouble In Little Vagina (Big Trouble in Little China) 4.   Crocodile Blondee (Crocodile Dundee) 5.   LA Pink (LA Ink) 6.   A Midsummer Night’s Cream (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) 7.   Throbbin Hood (Robbin Hood) 8.   The Sopornos (The Sopranos) 9.   Snatch Adams (Patch Adams) 10.   Top Heavy Chef ( Top Chef ) 11.   Milfbusters (Mythbusters) 12.   Clo … Read More

via Bolevin

Extremely Funny Porn Movie Parodies #2

I so love these titles….


1. Inrearendence Day (Independence Day)
2. The 69th Sense (The Sixth Sense)
3.  Mighty Phucks (Mighty Ducks)
4.  Whore Of The Rings (Lord Of The Rings)
5.  Anus The Menace (Dennis The Menace)
6.  Good Will Humping (Good Will Hunting)
7.  Bookie Nights (Boogie Nights)
8.  Lust In The City (Sex In The City)
9. Quantum Deep  (Quantum Leap)
10. Robin Head (Robin Hood)
11.  Employee Of The Mouth (Employee Of The Month)
12.  Bonfire Of The Panties (Bon
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The exercise *funny*

the exercise

Silly monday

Have the day off today so thought I get rid of some stuff collected during the week that I haven’t posted so here goes with some random silliness and awesome animated gifs and of course sexy girls, hey…

tumblr_l5uhmw70mS1qa2asbo1_1280 (1)Well, hello ladies… How u dooing..


Brilliant demonstration,
hope it was Pride Parade in town…











Not a big fan of Steven Seagal but I would pay money to see this movie made.











No comments needed for the below picture, just wanna bite and hold on to that booty.


The below photo is so darn cute and sexy      
I just couldn’t belive it.                                                    Who’s the king baby…


Jane Austens Fight club

Love this idea… come on you ass kicking ladies.

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