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No worries the Irish way

Love this one…


Remember… by I want icewater

A nice thoughtful three parter blog posts from I want icewater.

Remember – The Big Picture

post1This is part one of my Memorial Day series, all of which are aimed at providing a little perspective for our memories. This first post is meant to help us recognize just where we are in the grand scheme of things.

Remember – What We Have

post2 This, the second post in my Memorial Day series, is meant to remind us of just how precious our little corner of the universe really is. This beautiful video comes by way of the Metousiosis blog and Daniel López on Vimeo:

Remember – The Good Times

post3 This, the third post in my Memorial Day series, is meant to remind us of the good times we’ve had, and look forward to having again. And whenever I think of the good times, this is the song that comes to mind.

Being weird…

ah, bless… stand up for the weirdness that is you.

being weird

via Betty Chantel

If people are trying to bring you down, it…

bring em down Aaaaahhh, so now I know…

via Femme sans Coeur

Mixed saturday silliness and sexiness

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]Well, just got home from a nice party to wave goobye to one of my mates who is moving back to France, bisou bisou dude… So let’s just do a mixed variant today of nice pictures…

whenyoulook<<<<< True… so true….

and for us latex lovers out there…

Hell, Buffy never looked more sexy…buffy_by_sanjun

A car and 2 girls, it’s gotta be a nice pinup photo…                             

sinister pinups with car

Below is a brilliant one from a demonstration rally in the states, where yes… most Americans are immigrants from the beginning… sorry guys but you are.. 🙂

You_Silly_Nazis_by_StudioFovea   Latex_Color_Combination_by_BerlinerItalianBoy

                                                           and oh yeah, above is from the great  BerlinerItalianBoy

Just love this poster to death… IT’S BRILLIANT!!!


My No 501 post

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]

portugalJust realised that I have just written… ok posted my 500 post (check it out below). Damn, that has gone quite quickly but I have loved every bit of it.

Met some great bloggers out there, googled at a lot of naked girls (not a bad thing at all), found some weird fetishes out there which I realised I quite liked (damn those high heels, they are sexy, and thats your fault Eroticamistress :)), had my ups and downs, especially when I started playing way too much games on Facebook (ohh that Kingdom of Camelot, u seductive game u….) and thanks to Bob Patterson and his one comment that made me come back was ‘Where you been? Inquiring fans want to know!‘ Without that comment I’m not sure if I would have returned, I would still be bloody well playing that game until my butt was sore.

After that comment, I was back and posting and enjoying myself so much again. I also changed a lot of links of one special person who I think have changed the link adress 5 times or so… Nice one dude, Taknoo 🙂 But mainly I gotta admit that the people you meet on these blogging sites are mainly people blogging as well, I love my daily routing of checking out the Readomatic and finding new blogs, commenting (both good and bad) and have a nice interaction with (Retro Roxy, you were the only one I did check out when I was stuck in my Facebook game coma. Kudos to u).

So I welcome you now to this NO 501 POST from me and I might get rid of some photos which have been on my computer some time but never got around to put them up as a separate post. Hope you enjoy and see ya for the 1001 post soon.

11527_540tumblr_kw2pnbhcjz1qa1kido1_1280black640x480s640x480 (1)hot-cold-contrast-2-floriana-barbu     good_life_by_BRZR

This picture is for you Roxy, enjoy 🙂
















And one for Taknoo…. hope u like it…









and of course one for Bob, lovely Gina Carano for you to enjoy. Btw, coming a nice blog about her soon… Enjoyed doing my research on her… 🙂

How old would you be…?


Good morning – let the stress begin


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