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Guestblog: Gorgeous company

Last day of the guestblogs and what a great way of finishing the day than with Geoffs great site Gorgeous Company. Great photos and quotes to uplift your mind and soul.

In his own words:geoff-clow-april-20121
This is the place where I can post stuff I’ve written, thoughts, images & quotes; things that have touched my heart, caught my eye, held my attention or have left my mind wandering while I contemplate life.

I’m a passionate romantic who loves all things sensual. This means that now and then, not everything I post will be sweet, innocent or G-rated. There will be times when I find I’m ‘in a mood’ and during those times, my postings will be a bit on the naughty or erotic side. If that offends you, you’ve been warned. If you’re under 18, time to leave.

Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable; let’s get to know one another.

I present: Gorgeous Company




Surrounded by well being




Photographer Tony Duranvia
Photography by Robert Broeke

Photos by Robert Broeke. See more at Faith is Torment

Guestblog: A nine pound hammer

I love this blog. Actually that’s enough from me, do go and visit. It’s a great site to just chill out with.

I present: A nine pound hammer


Invisible threads….

are the strongest ties ~ F Nietzche


I fell for her in summer

my lovely summer girl.


During your life you will only fall in love 4 times….

about-timePlenty of fish? Apparently the waters are empty and there are not that many fish in the sea.

New research reports the average person will only fall in love four times in their life.

* 4 in 10 people report settling for 2nd best love in their life.

* 61 per cent regret letting the love of their life getting away.

* 77 percent believe you can’t help who you fall in love with.

At the Drive-In….


Guestblog: of glass and paper

There is some blogs I do wander past now and then but I don’t give enough credit to all that he does, if that means a like or a comment on his post. Lazy git I know. But this is my way of giving back something to Mr sisyphus47, random discoveries and thoughts of  perpetual wanderer.

In hos own words:

My name is Honoré Dupuis. Of course this is my pen name.

I started writing at primary school – mmm… a little while back –  and now write for pleasure. Still, I am serious (really!) about my work.

This is my writing blog about current work, writing, reading, listening, and some random findings from “wandering”.

3 blogs in one go:

The writing blog: of glass and paper

You are a constant source of inspiration: over the flow of time, you talk to me, your experience, your style, your beauty.

There is this light in the depth of darkness, that of all I don’t know about you, yet, this shining intimate part of you, so delicate, eternal, I seek to penetrate, through writing, and discovering the depth of you.

For you are alive for me, more than some living…

For, in your words, I discover part of me that has been hidden, concealed, waiting for the day…

When, by no accident, I will be ready to meet you.

Via of glass and paper


And his photo blog, this corner of the woods.

Daily Prompt: Imagine All the People
The next time you’re in a public place — a coffeehouse, a park, a store — observe the people around you. Pick a person, a couple, or a group, and imagine what their lives might be like.

And finally his tumblr blog which is a lovely mix of all.

Guestblog: A pondering mind

A little hard to explain this blog, a mixture of quotes, politics (especially if you read his posts from 2011), great photos and just an enjoyable humourus blog which I visit daily.

In his own words:

I’m just a 64 year old retired guy, who likes to blog, and write about things that are of interest to me. I’ve been doing this for the last four years. When I first started to blog, I was using Google Blog, then decided to switch to Word Press, which was about six months later.

I present: A pondering mind


And here is some random post taken from his blog.

Black & White Photo From The Past


and some funnies from his posts:

A young man was intent on going to Medical School,
but was confused by the entrance exam.

The deciding question was,
“Re-arrange the letters P N E S I to spell an important
part of the human body that is more useful when erect.”

Those who spelled SPINE became doctors. The rest are in Congress.

Jean Simmons and Paul Newman


Your Not A Real Hipster…


Ballet Dancer


so bugger off from here now and go say hello to Don Veselý obličej

Guestblog: The Warner archive

The Warner archive

An super movie blog with great stills of the great from the past.

Guestblog: 24 femmes per second

Vintage postcards, publicity shots of gorgeous actresses from the 40s-60s.

I present: 24 femmes per second


Gia Scala pointy


Diane McBain animal print swimsuit


Elke Sommer in white bikini


Raquel Welch on the beach


The evolution of Marilyn


By the way… Rincewind…


I know its hard sometimes to tell from a blog if the person is female or male. But just a quick reminder for new people to the blog, I’m a guy. The avatar I’m using is a partial from a dear friend of mine. Darn sexy picture and way better than using my own mugshot 🙂 One of these days I’m hoping that she will let me use the entire photo (hot diggity it’s a sexy one). Don’t mind when people ask me for sexy photos of myself but considering they believe me to be a girl they are in for a nasty surprise 😀

If anyone wants to know more about me, read the about me page.

image. image

Picture 1: My wizard days at Lovebox festival
Picture 2: Trying hard to get a tan in Portugal

Lake Baikal


“In March, due to a natural phenomenon, Siberia’s Lake Baikal is particularly amazing to photograph. The temperature, wind and sun cause the ice crust to crack and form beautiful turquoise blocks or ice hummocks on the lake’s surface.”

Photograph by Alex El Barto on flickr and his facebook page

So cool 1920s mugshots

Some amazing mugshots from the 1920s via The Phoblographer. Click on the link to see more, well worth the look.

We recently found this collection from the Sydney Living Museums via the Historic Houses Trust that contain a plethora of mugshots from the 1920s. And the photos themselves were not only kept in impeccable condition but they also have details such as the person’s name, the crime they committed and more.
But even more awesome is the fact that they’re remarkable looking and significantly better than modern day mugshots where the person takes a frontal photo with a sign and side photos.

Images courtesy of the Sydney Living Museums

Louis Armstrong, Paul Newman and Duke Ellington

What a superb photo of three awesome artists.


From awesomepeople…

JFK and Jackie in a photobooth, 1950s

I collect JFK postcards and photos and this is just a great one…

My June ‘Todays pinup’ collection

All of my photoblogs for June months ‘Todays pinup’.

Click here for my June page for this modern/vintage/retro pinups and the bigger pictures.

crystal sweet corina wolfe by vixenpinupphotography OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA the_black_dress_by_hihosteverino-d3d6gkn devin_by_hihosteverino-d3dh86b nichole kidman bares all

Kea Ho

Kea is known for her ultra-exotic look and has been featured in magazines internationally. She was recently declared by Maxim to be their “most international model EVER!,” while iconic men’s magazine Playboy chose Kea to be featured in their August 2010 issue.


Where to find more of Kea, Official website: HTTP://KEAHO.NET

Pinup photos with Sarah Michelle Gellar

I have always had a craving for this girl and since I’m now re-watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer I might as well celebrate with these sexy pinup shots of her. But if I have to choose then Willow aka Alyson Hannigan wins over Sarah anyday.


Sean Youngs behind-the-scenes Polaroids from the Blade Runner set

Blade Runner is one of my favourite movies and anything that pops up on the web about it, I have to read. So this one from Blastr got my attention straight away since I so fancied Sean Young, well still do…

Oh, sure, now that everybody has a cellphone that can snap photos, behind-the-scenes movie pics have become so plentiful they’ve almost beome a bit boring. But that wasn’t the case back when Blade Runner was being made, which is what makes Sean Young’s set pics so awesome.

Young, who had the starring role opposite Harrison Ford (and who can be seen with him as well as Rutger Hauer below), brought along her Polaroid to the set and captured some of the magic.

Check out a few of our favorites below, and go see more amazing pics over at Sean Young’s personal site.

via Blastr

SeanYoung0527111 SeanYoung0527112

Happy 500k! Erotixx is….


Ok, this is going to be a glorified ego-trip so bare with me, last year 01st of march I was so thrilled at getting a 100k visits from when I started in the end of October 2009. Was quite happy when 200k mark came as well and then I forgot about it until last month when I looked and realised that I was coming close to half a million visits to my blog. Bloody hellfire, how on earth did that happen… Thanks everyone for coming around to check out the lovely girls and pinups.

And a special thanks to the blogging community out there, especially Izaakmak, Summertime and Vera Roberts who pretty much been around and commented since I started… And a special thanks to Bob Pattersonwho so nicely asked me where I was when I hadn’t posted for a couple of months, had pretty much stopped posting but that felt so good to have been missed so I started again and loving it now. Now I can’t imagining not posting…

So on to some mildly fascinating stats: 😀

My first post: Burlesque… mmmm…

The top 10 list of posts (most clicked):

1. The Pinup Collection
2. Sexy stuff
3. Jenna Jameson pictures
4. Sexy nude pictures by Igor Amelkovich
5. New york : Model Susan Coffey
6. The Classic pinup collection
7. Pinups of October ’09
8. Dominic Marco sexy pinup art
9. 80 sexy asian bikini girls
10. The modern pinup collection

My most clicked pictures all-time, number 1 to 5:


Big thanks to everyone and see you for the
1 million celebration…

and oh yeah forgot to show how happy the girls are for me as well… 😀


Snapshots of Drew Barrymore

drew barrymore snapshot

Great snapshots of Drew Barrymore

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