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The Bride of Pinhead via Horrify Me 

Big thanks to Bloody disgusting for this article. I love the Hellraiser universe and am happy to see Pinhead finding a decent wife for him.

The award winning UK horror photo studio  Horrify Me well known for creating scary, controversial, and often sexy horror shots, recently completed work on their latest concept: The Bride of Pinhead!

Artist Rick Jones loves the Bride of Frankenstein and thought it might be an interesting challenge to create a new bride for Hellraiser’s Pinhead, explains the press release. Working with popular model Lottii Rose who posed as the Bride, and rampant Hellraiser fan Mike Butler who took the role of Pinhead, Rick and his wife Claire crafted one of the most ambitious character shoots of their life.

Honestly people, check out Horrify Me for loads of more images on sale.

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