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Sexy from Gillian Colbert

Loved this little poem from the always gorgeous Gillian Colbert at Blackdoor press

Reblog from Gillian Colbert “Sexy”

Had to add these gorgeous girls, have been trying to find a post to put them in and thought why not, hope you don’t mind Gillian…

Sexy might be a state of mind
But, if you would be so kind
I still want you to harden at the thought of me
To wonder exactly how it would be
To trail kisses along my skin
Seeking with each delicate press to draw me in
To seduce with each caress and touch
I don’t think it’s asking too much
I want to be the focus of your desire
Even as your lust flames higher
To leave you breathless and needy
Damn, how that makes me greedy
For that gorgeous steely erection
A sight of pure carnal perfection
The evidence of your passion
Perhaps together we can fashion
An experience wild and true
Leaving you to say, “I’ll never forget you.”

Oh yes … that would definitely do

Cafe love

I so love my coffee shops, just to sit down with a book or maybe just looking around at all the people around you while sipping a perfectly made black as hell coffee.

at the cafe

Cafe Poems IV

gurgle, hiss relentlessly
to the click of cups
and clank of clogs
dragging on wooden planks

interjected by nasal drone
of one man expressing his

silence ensued when
old man with thick grey
mustache walked by
in s l o w m o t i o n
armed with a Caffe Latte

the jazz vocals struggle
to keep up with
sudden sharp ringing
of cellular phone
and the knocks of espresso filter
on countertop

jet black pulled into a rich pony tail
another draped in natural twirls
while the blonde’s smitten eyes
speak to frizzy curls

jet black picks out her gelato
and the march begins

so i sip my diluted iced coffee
and wish i could kiss the lips
of jet black with the innocent eyes.

>> Poem from Then Came rain…


Sexy poetry


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