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How the Donald Stole Christmas | Video parody

Thanks to motley news for posting this, I laughed my ass off..

Unusual rant from me about Brexit

Have always kinda tried to stay away from political debates on this blog since this is always to make enemies quickly. Never discuss religion or politics in the pub. Same idea.

But have to say something now about UK leaving the European union.

➕ Always appreciate your chance to vote for something important.

So when people come back the day after saying they regret their vote, well what the fuck do u think the vote is for?  A joke, oh come on, grow the fuck up.


Another elector also revealed on social media that they regretted their vote after ‘Leave’ won.

Tom Walker posted: “I think I kinda regret my vote. I had no real reason to pick what I did!”

Honestly… It’s the same to say, yes I voted for the Nazi party but I thought it was for a laugh.

It’s a vote for an extremely important decision but a lot of people now goes, oh shucks sorry. Well you are an idiot if you believe that your vote doesn’t count.

I feel mainly sorry because I lived in the UK for 15 years and have a lot of friends who are immigrants in the same way I was. I moved from Sweden to the UK because I love English sense of humour and of course because of the work.

I loved living there and actually do miss London so much.

I know there is no way of predicting what is going to happen after this exit and it could go either way now but that the Leave party went mostly out for the BIG problem with immigration in their ads really pisses me off. A majority of these immigrants pays off in a good way.

I honestly want to see an English or Swedish (that’s me..) who would like to work their ass off at their off licence/restaurant for 12 hours.  I promise you I would not do it but look at your off licence and they are owned by foreign people working their ass off to make a living in the UK (or Sweden). But yet we complain they are taking our work, bullshit! We are lazy, deal with it.

Oki enough ranting and get some funny ass pictures:




Almost immediately after hailing victory, Nigel Farage was forced to admit one of the central pledges of the Leave campaign simply wasn’t true.

They had said the weekly £350 million saving in EU contributions could be spent on the NHS instead, but confronted by Susanna Reid on ITV’s Good Morning, the Ukip leader swiftly changed his tune.

When asked whether he could guarantee the bold pledge promoted on the side of a much-photographed battle bus would be delivered on, the Farage said: “No I can’t”, adding it was a “mistake”.




And honestly the best one:


But regardless of my opinions let’s stay friends ok 😊

Words of wisdom and hope (via Gruffguano’s Weblog)

This is just such a great video, not a religious person in such but if more people would be like this. Wow.

Even what is sometimes referred to as the mother of all conflicts isn’t polarized into two camps.  Not all religious fundamentalists are political fanatics with uniform extreme ideologies.  There are people on all sides who’d rather just live together in harmony. Read More

via Gruffguano’s Weblog

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