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I love Mondays due to this Monday post of alternative posters, my favourite this time was IT, see below and Coraline. Check them  out on Written in blood



You like movie posters? You like alternative takes on posters, if so enjoy Written in bloods Monday post. 

My fav this Monday was:

Dune themed travel posters

As an travel agent I so want to book people to these places…


via Ragnarfan

Sexy Halloween posters


Day 7 last years sci-fi week


Nintendo cosplay

Zero Suit (as above), Legend Of Zelda, Supermario, Link and more cosplay.


Beautiful old sci-fi posters

Love the old style posters of this time, they are funky, playful and just damn gorgeous.

Sci-fi propaganda posters

So feel in love with these posters, thanks to Ragnarfans blog.

Part 1 and Part 2 here below but 4 more parts coming up.


Sci-fi Week: Beautiful old sci-fi posters

Love the old fashioned posters


escape_from_new_yorkHad to nag my brother for a long time before he allowed me to watch Escape from New York, he was afraid that I would be too scared and get nightmare and of course tell on mom and dad that he showed me this movie in that case.

No nightmares but do remember being so amazed by Kurt Russells quick-witted hero and so wanted to be like Plisken when I grew up but instead am a normal travel agent worker, not exactly the same but have kept my inner Plisken around 🙂


 first_spaceship_on_venus invasion_of_the_saucer_mengiant_clawforbidden_planetfantastic_voyagebeyond_the_time_barrier   galaxinainvaders_from_marsjourney_to_far_side_of_the_sunking_kong

zardozThis is also one of my favourite B-movies, Zardos with Sean Connery starring.

This film is listed among The 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made in Golden Raspberry Award founder John Wilson’s book THE OFFICIAL RAZZIE® MOVIE GUIDE



 maroonedmission_marsnot_of_this_earthplan_nine_from_outer_space planet_of_dinosaursplanet_of_vampiresrobinson_crusoe_on_mars shape_of_things_to_comewar_of_satellitesxvicious_lips

Old London Underground posters from 1908-1933

The London Underground has made more creative use of poster art than any other commercial organisation in the world. It all goes back to the early 1900’s. Frank Pick was Head of Publicity for the London Underground in 1908 and commissioned hundreds of posters by both popular artists and relatively unknown ones too. Man Ray, David Hockney, Edward McKnight Kauffer and Paul Nash are amongst the many artists who have produced artwork for the tube.

Therefore much of early and even current London Underground posters show how far you can travel on the tube and show the wonderful places you can travel to, particularly when you are not doing your normal 9 to 5 daily commute.

It’s beautiful posters which are so awesome in their ways and art. I miss the old days… 🙂

Click here for all the posters in order from 1908-1933. Enjoy!

1933-Wimbledon1927-Cup Final 1911-Way For All 1913-When In Doubt 1916-St Albans 1918-Kew Gardens 1921-Winter Sales 1922-London Museum 1923-Natural History Museum 1926-Kew Gardens  1928-London Museum

Classic horror movie posters from 1970-1979

And then came the 70-80’s horrors with even worse movie titles with Blackula, The Vampyros Lesbos, Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde to name a few.

Have just included some as thumbnails below, but click here for the full lovely beauties in all their glory. Got around 50 horror posters from 1970-1979.

1970 - Bloody Judge, The (DVD) 1970 - Helter Skelter Murders, The (DVD) 1970 - Horror Of Frankenstein (DVD) 1970 - Vampyros Lesbos (DVD) 1970 - Vampyros Lesbos (DVD) 1971 - Beast Of Blood (DVD) 1971 - Dr Jekyll And Sister Hyde (DVD) 1971 - Graveyard Of Horror (DVD) 1971 - Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (DVD) 1971 - Virgin Among The Living Dead, A (A)(Poster) 1971 - Virgin Among The Living Dead, A (B)(Poster) 1972 - Asylum Of Satan & Satans Children (DVD) 1972 - Baron Blood (A)(DVD) 1972 - Blacula (Poster) 1972 - Blood Spattered Bride, The (DVD) 1972 - Corpse Grinders, The (DVD) 1972 - Death Smiled At Murder (DVD) 1972 - Delirium (DVD) 1972 - Demons Of The Mind (DVD) 1972 - Don´t Torture A Duckling (DVD) 1972 - Garden Of The Dead (DVD) 1972 - Invasion Of The Blood Farmers (DVD) 1972 - Last House On The Left, The (Poster) 1973 - Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter (Poster) 1973 - Crypt Of The Living Dead (DVD) 1973 - Curse Of The Devil (DVD) 1973 - Horror Hospital (DVD) 1973 - Lisa And The Devil (DVD) 1973 - Young Hannah Queen Of The Vampires (DVD) 1974 - Antichrist, The (DVD) 1974 - Axe (DVD) 1974 - Count Dracula And His Vampire Bride (Poster) 1976 - Snuff (Poster) 1975 - Croaked Frog Monster From Hell (Poster) 1976 - Carrie (DVD) 1976 - Ilsa Harem Keeper Of The Oil Sheiks (DVD)

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