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My town


My town Prague. .. ah bless but where is all the drunken people that I usually meet up with at sunrise 😉 reality check.

Lennon Wall


The Lennon Wall or John Lennon Wall, is a wall in Prague, Czech Republic. Once a normal wall, since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles songs.

Damn cool wall and a nice little John lennon pub with a yellow submarine entrance is a perfect stop after looking at the wall.

Wish I had taken a picture w/o my face splattered on the shot but got carried away in my egomaniac world. Muhaha… 😉

Quickie Prague

Just a quick note: made it Prague and loving it even with the floods. Take care everyone and will blog more soon when I get my internet connected.

All good


My lovely avatar girl is coming this weekend to stay at my place, haven’t seen her for a loooong time so am looking forward to seeing this girl, she is gorgeous,  smart and a major geek. We are off to Comicon in london, apparently she is going dressed as someone from the blizzard games but forgot to ask which character, hope it’s not Diablo 😉

I will take pictures and post them during the weekend so prepare for a little cosplay mania coming up.


2nd happy thing which happened to fast, got my job in Prague but need to start next next monday which gives me a week to get all sorted, will be a frikking nervous breakdown person by the end I think. Lol.

But good things all in all, the blog will go on but just from a new country.

All the best guys and girls…

Praha trip

So back from a quick trip to Prague to meet my new competition. A dog! How can one compete against such a tiny thing, only 2 months old and can fit in my lap. Didnt think I would like the little one, want my dogs big… but such a fearless little thing got my heart straight away but not sure if he liked me staying in the same bed as my girlfriend 🙂


Me and my sexy lady...


Mr Miky

So only 2 more months until I move to Prague and am soooo looking forward to this next step in my life.

Prague here I cum

Am sitting in Horley and have checked into my hotel. Have a lovely(!) 6am flight but then i’m off to Prague to meet my girlfriend. Love that city, it has some amazing culture but by far the most gorgeous girls. If u have a chance, go here.

Just one sexy Czech girl, the lovely Adriana Karembeu:


Such a cool windtunnel video

Totally suited for work video Smile I soooooooo want this in my house… Surprised smile

4 way Routine with Havard (Skywalkers), Raph and Ju (Team4Speed) and Alberto (Volare) at Skydive Arena (Prague)

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