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By the way… Almost Christmas shopped


Xmas shopping or just relax that is the question...

Hope you all have a great day either finishing off the Christmas shopping or wondering if you should start it. I’m in the later stage but got sidetracked when I made the mistake of going to my local pub instead.

You know it’s your local pub when you have got a nickname or that in the style of Cheers they at least know who you are. My nickname is the swede, which makes sense. Would hate them if they called me slightly bald guy 🙂


But for all the pubs I do love the Irish ones the best, they have the most weird, oddish but oh so friendly people usually in the pubs.

On my very first trip to London as a 17 year old I went to the pub and saw that it was a England-Ireland game on and of course I hadn’t checked what pub I was in but started cheering for England since I was a visitor in the country and wanted to fit in unfortunately I was in an Irish pub. The pub went oh so quiet and everyone turned to me. As an tourist and all alone it was very discomforting. 🙂 But to their credit they explained my error and bought me a beer instead of beating me to a pulp. Since then I just had a big fondness for the Irish. Anyway, getting off my ass now to do that dastardly shopping.

Ps. And no idea how I found this video on YouTube but I do know that I started looking for the Cheers intro song and after a few clicks got this one. Anyway it’s the best roast speech I ever seen.

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