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Nick Carter pulp

I don’t know about you but I loved Nick Carter pulp fiction and the amazing art work by George Gross. 

Vintage pulp fiction 

Since Summertime is having his vintage Sunday I want to contribute as well..

Ed McBain maraton

My book marathon is re-reading Ed McBain and his novels about the detectives from the 87th Precinct crime series. I remember reading these as a 12 year old and loving them, now a few years later,  32 years later to be precise it’s quite fun to revisit these pulp fiction books and I still enjoy them…

So finished 5 of them in one week, only 52 to go 😨

New covers on my kindle but you gotta love the original covers.

Pulp covers

And other cool artworks

Homeward bound

Cover: Women in crime


pulp fiction cover

Do check out this guys blog. I love the pulp fiction covers…

Sales in Hell by Johnny Nordstrum and The Retailers


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Pulp fiction












This would so do great on a pulp fiction book cover.


Oh after you, Kitty ~DaddysDarling
Fotograf: Markus W. Lambrecht

Robert McGinnis – pinup artist

mcginnis95Have added a new page on my Classic pinup pages for this amazing artist, probably you will recognise his James Bond art the most. Click here for the page.

Robert McGinnis was elected to the Society of illustrators Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, Winslow Homer, Robert Peak, Frederic Remington and Frank McCarthy. He illustrated many magazine articles and more than 1200 paperback book covers (detective novels, thrillers, gothic novels, murder mysteries, romance novels, Westerns), playing a role in the pulp fiction boom in the ’60s and ’70s.



Do remember if you want to see the full menu of all the pinup artists I got, click here or click on the menu bar above.

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