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Saturday quickie

Some quick Saturday reblog:

In case you hadn’t heard, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un threatened yet another ‘Merciless’ attack against the U.S. a couple of days ago – this time in ‘retaliation’ over the pending release of this new movie.


And bring on the Internet to provide funny photos.  Go check them out over at I want ice water

And if you feeling like gasping for air… well…


Via Grumpy old fart

And on the twittersphere I found this.


Via @Jr72skylark’s

And honestly the 80s was an awful hair do century.  I did date a girl with just this hairdo.


Via The dose

Found my new toothpaste at least.


Via @theretronaut

Old and New

Sometimes I start a post with saved links and I totally forget to post ’em. So here is some old and new ones that I’ve enjoyed,

OMG, It’s Porn!
Well, technically it’s not. On the other hand, while these videos aren’t exactly NSFW, your boss might just frown upon the crowd of giggling coworkers who’ll gather around while you’re watching them! 😉

Sunday visions
I can think of no better way to follow the thought provoking videos in my Sunday Reflections… than with some beautiful and thought provoking photography…

This review had mixed emotions for me, on one hand I remembered loving this movie as a 10/11 year old as well as following up the tall man in Fangoria magazine. But yes it is a shit movie though.
Morgan Lewis review on Phantasm is quite accurate. And here I thought I had good taste as a kid. ●sigh●

This is a great 3 parter about life as an expat in the UK. This story works for me as well but if you’re from the states you will so get this.
Spinsters Compass about life as an expat part 3 (do click on part 1 and 2 as well).

And let the crap begin at IPC blog, all the crap movies we shouldn’t see is being reviewed here. Shitfest 2013 Fall issue They are taking a bullet for us here so we wont have to see it, btw if you do read the post about the Sting movie, dont make my mistake and watch that clip. I still want my 2 and a half minute back of my life back but filmhipster is refusing to refund them back to me. 😉


Oh yeah! U pesky kids...

Need your window cleaned?


from Vlad-Alexandru Mihailescu

Model: Angelina Micu

Mortal Kombat cosplay videos

Some time ago since he posted this one and had totally forgot about them in my draft box… All from Mr 306, hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Kitana – Mortal Kombat Full-Length Trailer

Kitana via Mr 306

Mortal Kombat 9 ‘Mileena & Kitana Live Action Trailer

Mileena & Kitana via Mr 306

Mortal Kombat – Sexy Kitana #Cosplay Trailer (Rachelle Glover) HD

Sexy Kitana via Mr 306

Mortal Kombat – Sexy Mileena #Cosplay Trailer (Danni Levy) HD

Sexy Mileena via Mr 306

Wednesday reblogs

Say Hello To James Brouwer, ‘The Pixelated Nerd’

I just love this blog post of the artwork of James Brouwer, some oh so cool stuff.


Los Alamitos|Boudoir Photography| Madison


Sexy pinup shot of gorgeous model Madison

Roller Derby


Rollerparty, who’s up for it?

Redhead Girl – Ballpoint Pen


Amazing drawing and such a skill to get out so much emotion in one drawing…

Skull Tie Bar by Ralph Lauren Rugby


I so want this one…

Red Lounge

Pinup Candy is back


Zooma has some great pictures of this burlesque artist…

Love this revenge video, just enjoy and grin…

Animated love

Had to be reblogged, animated madness from I want Ice water. So much lovely goodness in 2 posts…

Animated reflections 1:

Wow! 17 days since my last post. I really wish that I could offer up a sensible “excuse” for my absence but suffice it to say that, with all the crazy crap roiling around in my head, I haven’t been anything like a happy camper. And the worst part is my inability to convert what’s in my head into written form. To be honest, I’m not sure anymore if it’s even worth the effort to try. But I do have a whole shitload of “reflective images” I’d like to share. So many, in fact, that I’ve decided to post them in 2 parts…


Animated reflections 2:

As I said in Animated Reflections 1, I have a whole shitload of “reflective images” I’d like to share that I’ve decided to post in 2 parts. This is the 2nd batch…


Amazing Spider-Man

had to reblog this one, it’s just perfect drawing…


Amazing Spider-Man from Social Overdose

In case you forgot…

I like using the random blog post search on the blogs I visit but on new ones that I have just started, it’s brilliant and such a varied way of seeing what the blogger is all about. Today I’m doing a random one at Rhoades to Madness and came upon this hot gal, oh my my my…

but if you find yourself on a WordPress blog and want the random just add /?random after the blog address and be swept away…

lovelyblondeIn Case You Forgot…

…I’m occasionally going to post pictures of incredibly attractive women. It should be noted that I did not take or own said pictures, so I will gladly take them down if asked by parties that did take and/or own said pictures. Until that fateful day, enjoy this gorgeous and stylish blonde.

Read more

I knew I loved George R.R. Martin for a reason

Reblogged from The Intoxication of Vera Roberts:

I knew I loved George R.R. Martin for a reason

The man has a point…


Kill Bill cosplay / Harley Quinn statue / Jehovas Witness knockers

Some lovely blog post from around the world… And I so am getting myself that Harley Quinn statue…

Geeking Out: Kill Bill


Here is a cosplay for Kill Bill featuring model Masuimi Max! If you have not heard of her look her up! Maybe you will see more of her here, what do you Overdosers think?

Kotobukiya Presents: DC Comics Harley Quinn Bishoijo Statue


Coming up next in the DC Comics Bishoujo Collection (combining DC’s super heroines and villains with traditional Japanese stylings) is the fan favorite, the sexy wacked out psychologist turned harlequin super villain, HARLEY QUINN!

How To Keep Jehova’s Witnesses From Knocking


Just such a knockout picture…

And one for the bricklayers out there Rolling on the floor laughing

hit a brickwall

Happy birthday Bob

misc-049112Not Bob!In celebration of Bob at Bob’s place – Exploring Winnipeg and beyond, a superb blogger who just seems to enjoy his Canada to bits and also his food, I actually have been so so so close to actually buy a ticket to Winnipeg just to try out that new restaurant there due to Bob’s posts.

Anyway back to the birthday boy, as a little happy birthdayAlso not Bob! gift to him I will have an all out day of Canadian beauties here today, was actually easier to find gorgeous girls from Canada than I was expecting, hell, they were to many… 

Also thought I do a reblog of one of his posts, my thought was to do the randomize but imagine if just that one would be boring as hell? Well, you never know, even the best of bloggers has a bad patch of posts they just want to forget about, anyway.. I was in luck, on my first random post on his blog I did find a great post so here goes:

Yes Virgina, There is a Winnipeg

Posted on November 7, 2010 by Bob

Much fun has been poked at my adopted home town over the years.  In cinema and in song, Winnipeg has been treated like a fictional clearing house.   In the same vein as Walla Walla, Washington or Kookamunga.

Well being Canadian means being able to take a joke.  So in honour of my home town here are some of the best videos I could find on the subject of Winnipeg!!


Read more…

  Since I felt lucky I pushed the dreaded randomizer again:

There is a 49% Chance that I am a 50 Year Old Woman

Posted on September 26, 2010 by Bob

Just when you think things couldn’t get any stranger around here, the hits keep coming.  I was doing some surfing today and came across a pretty cool website. is a text analysis website, basically you give the website your blog address and it runs a text analysis algorithm through it to decide a few things.  The probable sex, age and mood of the web site’s author are analyzed and printed out in a pie chart configuration.

So according to the computers at Urlai, after running Bob’s Place through. There is a very high probability that I am a post menopausal woman who has a generally positive outlook on life who writes with a personal style opposed to an academic tone.

Read more…


Wednesday reblogs w redheads, planets, swimwear

Just some nice cool links to enjoy if you have a few minutes over.

Picture of the day


This image looks like it can’t possibly be real, but it is. Taken back in 2006 when the Cassini spacecraft was orbiting the sixth planet, this photo captures a night-time view of Saturn as light sparkles off of its rings.

A NASA astronomer explains all the components that make up this beautiful image. Read more

Sexy redhead: Anna Easteden


International audiences are falling head over heels in love with ANNA EASTEDEN whom industry insiders are endorsing as one Fascinating Uber-Babe.

These two haven’t been in any blogs but just
found them lying around the net…


How brilliant isn’t this one…
via Gorgeous Company

You can’t see me


via Grumpy Old Fart 

Beautiful 1930’s swimwear film in colour


And the ever delightful Tidious Ted at his blog heaven Retrorama does find some great stuff, loved this video of ‘30s swimwear in colour.

While your there, do check out this one as well:

The League Against Indecent Bathing’s Work Is Never Finished


Tumblr watch:
Gabriel Garcia De Alba

He’s been on todays pinups with his photos of those sexy girls but do check in from time to time at his Tumblr where he posts his newest photo.


and I do like Garfield:


Reblog mania

Haven’t had so many post to reblog nowadays, you can tell it’s summer and people actually are more outside than in front of their computers, which is good. Enjoy everyone while you can.

Welcome to BDS&M II Week!

bondageSo this is what you’re going to see: an updated Sex and the Married Woman, BDSM-style; BDSM terminology lessons with snippets from the book (some of you may have read it before on the blog or in the five chapter sneak peek given to a selected few); BDSM photos (classy ones but those are hard to find, I’ll admit).

And finally, one final S&M II sneak peek and the debut of S&M II book cover sometime this week! Whew! That’s a whole lotta spanking right there.

So sit back and enjoy….just don’t wear any blindfolds for this because well, that would be pointless.




taste-the-rainbowAnd then you have this weird video from  I Want Ice Water which I did love to bits…

Click on the picture or the link below to get to it…
The Almost NSFW Saturday


And finally, a big round of welcome back to Cool Berman (was used to be Dusler) for returning to the bloggers sphere. If you enjoy great wallpaper, cool ads and sexy girls, do go and visit his site.


Day 3 from @eroticamistress blog

Have finished my day guestblogging on The intoxication of Vera Roberts, need some sleep now. // Click on the photos to see more and bigger pictures.. Enjoy… //


Well, it is tennis time here in the UK right now with Wimbledon just 30 minutes walk away from where I’m living. Got tickets for the lovely Williams, always wanted to hear her grunt… Winking smile


Quite safe for work but I still think this
is one of the more sexy pictures I know. That could be because…



Just love this girls to bits, I love curves and she does show them off remarkably well wouldn’t you say?


Now this is what I love, sexy modern girls recreating those hot vintage pinup model poses.

What are you like in bed via Gorgeous Company


via Gorgeous Company

Sunday Inspirational via I Want Icewater

This is just what I needed on this sunday, a mixed bag of good fun and an excellent remix of Charlie Chaplins speech from The Great Dictator. Loved the below animated one, could watch this on replay all day.

catnip-hell-of-a-drugThis is been in my drafts folder for a long time. In light of recent events, a pervasive feeling that crazy days are upon us, and a real need for a bit of perspective, it seems like an appropriate time to post it! I’ve “re-touched” it just a tad.

Read more at I Want Icewater for the mixed bag of goodies.

Mayra Veronica via Mr Killian

Honestly, I think I just cleaned the floor with my tongue when I saw this girl. 😀 Slight late reblog (he posted this for the new years) but am still going through my emails and looking through all the blogs I follow, damn holidays 😉

Wow this Cuban beauty’s ass is huge, and AMAZING!!!! :P


Read more and SEE more of this girl at Mr Killians blog post… so worth the click.

Coco, Jessica Drue and way kinky old postcards

Two great girls on Vera Roberts blog today, sexy Coco and Jessica Drue, click on the links to enjoy… via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts

nicole-coco-austin-6-610x821 Hot Coco Coco aka Nicole Austin aka Ice-T’s wife, has been getting quite a few hits on the blog. Even thought I posted her Playboy pictorial months ago, she’s just about appeared in every daily search. So to satisfy some of the curious freaks out there, here is a sampling of Hot Coco. She won’t be featured for a week, at least not yet. But hopefully I can calm down someone’s fiend-like search. Sheesh.


eyes_by_el_wraith-d2yudx4Oh Ms Jessica Drue – just love this sexy picture.








payback And thank god for Grumpy Old farts blog as well, good to see that people back then were way kinkier than one can believe… Just love this picture –>

Check it out here…

Sexy Post of the Day: Ciara « The Intoxication of Vera Roberts

I’m in love, thanks Vera for finding these great shots.

holy moley...

To see more and belive me, you do wanna see more, click on the link below:  Sexy Post of the Day: Ciara (courtesy of Maxim Magazine) « The Intoxication of Vera Roberts.

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