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What’s up doc

Just a little reblog recap on what’s up over on some other places.

Izaakmak from I want ice water is letting go with a massive blog post which made me laugh and enjoy. A massive mashup of all his voices in his head trying to get out and post pictures 🙂


I’ve heard it said that if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit. I’m not exactly sure which of those categories this post falls into, but I am sure that today is the first day of Summer, and that there are 69 reflections of my thoughts in this image gallery…

And Summertime over at Grumpy old fart keeps on showing off his maids… damn him and his harem, have been trying to break in there but the security maids on duty are hard to get pass…one day… One day..


Head in a vice is back. If you like your horror reviews,  can’t advice a better to place to chill out. 

And seems it getting hot over at Prince charming isn’t here and who can blame her after seeing this video.

Suddenly I am feeling motivated, if Kylie Minogue was my instructor.
I just had to get some cold water to douse myself, it was too steamy up in here!

And Pimpf is enjoying some Star Wars ladies…


Never liked the Ewoks but have now changed my mind 🙂

And a new edition of vintage girliemags is up at Retrorambling with Slim And Trim, But Not So Prim A digital recreation of an article published in Baby Doll Magazine Vol1 No2 from 1963 .


And over at Social Overdose they are letting out the rabbits and dreaming of latex.

Scorpions is still going strong over at Simple & interesting. Bring back the power ballads.

Ok enough for today… have a great Sunday y’all…

Some mixed stuff

A little mix of everything, just click on either the links or the pictures to be teleported away.

The light of Life (animation)


Superb animation from Cool Bermans blog.

Guest blog: The date from Hell

I truly laughed out loud when Ms Abyss came along and posted this guestblog about trying to teach a geeky computer nerd (her words) how to fish.

”I handed him my favorite fly rod. He slowly got the gist of it and at some point stopped listening to me. He waded into the water up to his ankles. I stressed with urgency the danger of the Unicorn’s extremely slippery rocks. Did I mention he stopped listening to me???”

Steampunk Robocop Sculpture


Need to get some space in my room for this one.

Top 50 hottest black pornstars of all time


There are some stunning girls in this countdown, via Complex magazine

10 Sexiest Ads made by total pigs


Sorry girls but there are some great videos here, the number one spot by Goodyear was really bad though but I love the Panam ‘Fly Maggie’ ad. So would have gone on that airline.

… dedicated to Rincewind…


This pinup is so cool with animated effects. Check it out at Cool Berman.

I do love Johnny Depp and ‘Fear and loathing…’ was just spectacular, so seeing that the Rum Diary is coming out is making me weak in my knees.

Just a mix of photos/links and reblogs…

Some nice links and photos I have found out there:

1st and by far such a great photographer but my god, this girl just knocked my socks off…

Frank De Mulder (colour):

fdm7 frandemulder2

:Frank De Mulder (black and white)
via Modelstar

I’ve run across a fair number of really good rants in my time, and I’d like to think that I’ve written a few good ones here and there myself, but this animated version of Tim Minchin’s “Storm” I found over on the Metousiosis blog has got to rank amongst the best of all time!

Great video, check it out at I Want Icewater



Playboy Playmate Nicole Nahrain (NSFW), click on the link or the photo for the full colour happiness 🙂


FHM Germany by *AncillaTilia

Click on the link to see the colour version (is actually so much nicer…)


Alice by Bakanekonei, 
must be seen in high-def colour….


Risa Kasumi – Maid and what a nice maid she is as well, check out the link for more of her….


Ran across this and thought to myself “Yep…I wanna be there” so I figured I’d share it with you. This is a 4 minute video excerpt of the D20 burlesque show, a Dungeons and Dragons themed naughtiness that makes nerds pants explode like a waking dead plague…
Read more at Blacksheep Codex and also to watch the video of this D&D Burlesque show.



from Gorgeous Company

Reblogs galore…

Just had loads of reblogs I so wanted to do but kept on tucking them away and soon they will be too many for me to care for so just mashed them some of them up in one post.

Mr Summertime at Grumpy Old fart has managed to dig up a bloody brilliant 3D artwork, gaze and enjoy…


via Grumpy Old Fart

and Vera Roberts has been a busy bee as well with both some weird shit 🙂 and of course some gorgeous stuff as well…


(I do believe serial killers start off this way…)

and there are more of the same WTF on her blog post Filed under WTF Some shit should stay private



So I’m a little late wishing all the lovers out there a Happy Valentine’s…will this gift make up for it? I can guarantee it won’t melt or wilt.

To see more of this gorgeous photo, click here


and of course one cannot miss out a little Roxy, this one gets bonus points in thousands because of the old lady’s grumpy facial expression(no, not you Roxy…)

retro roxy and crone In a departure from the typical escort call, Roxy was asked to entertain a newly-widowed woman who was anxious to make a drastic lifestyle change following her bereavement. Roxy met the woman in a motel room following the funeral, but after a short discussion, Roxy decided not to go through with it. The woman mentioned that the estate was tied up in probate, so Roxy felt the chances were slim that she would get paid after the encounter.

Click here for more

and last but not least, we have Mr Killian who has moved onto a .com adress, good work mate. Hope it goes well… Do check out his site

01A very sexy post about Lindsay Marie.

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