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Sexy hot redheads

Oh them reds…

Todays pinup


Happy Valentines day to you all.

Guestblog: My 50 shades of red

Do you love them redheads as much as I do? If so this site is for you…

I present: My 50 shades of red


A study in red


“Red hair, sir, in my opinion, is dangerous.”
― P.G. Wodehouse, Very Good, Jeeves!

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous red head.”
― Lucille Ball

“You can sleep with a blonde, you can sleep with a brunette, but you’ll never get any sleep with a redhead!”
– Jamie Luner

Sexy in red

Loads of sexy redheads for you today.





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Red Sonja

red sonja cosplayWhat a great cosplay costume

Give me more…

more presentsSince I had a xmas-pinup today might as well just give out more gifts…

Redheaded lesbian love


3 times red equals awesome

What a lovely breeze…

redhead outside
hmmm, one sexy Suicide girl.

suicide girl

sexy nude redhead

Bianca Beauchamp

bianca beaucahmpThe always lovely Bianca in her outfits.

The fantastic four

I can see youuuu…

in the shadows
Lovely backside wouldn’t you say?

shot in the back
Catholic girls rules… by *zenibyfajnie

Ready for your walkies?

tied up

Good morning to another redheaded day

good morning1good morning

Well, it was just gonna be one day of redheads but had to much stuff so let’s go for a 2nd day of lovely redhead girls. So good morning to you…

Vanessa Lake

vanessa lake

4 sexy reds in one go

The lovely Brenda Lynn

brenda lynn
Oh those eyes…

sexy eyes
One happy camper for sure…

happy camper
I do so like a walk in the forest…

sexy redhead in the forest

I’m back….

tumblr_lu5oasqUpZ1r0d512o1_500And I’m finally back after 2 months of wrangling with my telephone company who made my internettumblr_lubxtkK5SM1r68bkoo1_500 look like a ping pong match, up and down and up and down so haven’t been able to do anything on the blog whatsoever. Sorry for the down time but pinups are one their way now as we speak… muahahahahaha… and oh my god, to go through all the blogs that I use to read is gonna take some time as well. Somehow my boss doesn’t feels that is something I need to do on my work time… hmmmm… weird.


And imagine all the gorgeous latex girls I have missed out in 2 months time… aaaahhh..


Redheads, redheads and more redheads

Was a long time now since I celebrated the sexy redheads so here comes a little extravaganza post with just red, red, red and reds…



Am in awe with the middle girl, snow is damn cold… kudos..


Fighter of darkness

Have been some time now since I posted them lovely redheads, sorry reds I haven’t forgot about you at all….


by *serenitysteph

Todays pinup

Sydney from miss missy photo

via Miss Missy

Sexy Smokers XXI

ana-beatriz-barrosSexy Ana Beatriz Barros is  a good start of a blog post and having her smoking, whohoo…


like a rolling stonecold_at_heart_by_dragonoflust-d3h6mngKralyalya_24_by_aprelkaLerka_4_by_aprelkalips-3My_First_Thing_In_The_Morning_by_DarksolitudeThe_French_Prostitute__deux_by_dasTotenkopflooking_for_color_of_the_wind_by_yesterdaysmind-d3cmbbfmiss_trautwein_by_oldninja-d3cgjxjmy_emo_puppy_by_zzanthia-d3a6yu5

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