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Some sexy links and farewells…

Some nice links for you that was found on my list off reading I had waiting on my email this morning. The first one is a sad one for me at least, I loved this blog of weirdness and vintage love. Goodbye Roxy you will be missed from the blogosphere…


zgoodbye Yes, it’s true – this will be the last post for Retro Roxy.  As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with the blog.  It’s been an enormous amount of fun to bring you some of my most treasured memories, both real and hallucinated, and share with you a glimpse into the past.

I wish I could thank all my readers individually, but if you’re reading this, you already know how special you are to me.  And those of you who took the time to leave comments, well, you’re just the best!

For each of you, I wish that health, happiness, good fortune, and peace are with you always…

And now for some happier things:

wp1Maid gif, can never go wrong with an animated GIF of a hot maid.

Winter Kelly, an extremely sexy model…. to see her in full colour, do click on his link or the photo on your left…



8bitstocking8-bit stockings, for the stocking and nerd lover in you…

Reblogs galore…

Just had loads of reblogs I so wanted to do but kept on tucking them away and soon they will be too many for me to care for so just mashed them some of them up in one post.

Mr Summertime at Grumpy Old fart has managed to dig up a bloody brilliant 3D artwork, gaze and enjoy…


via Grumpy Old Fart

and Vera Roberts has been a busy bee as well with both some weird shit 🙂 and of course some gorgeous stuff as well…


(I do believe serial killers start off this way…)

and there are more of the same WTF on her blog post Filed under WTF Some shit should stay private



So I’m a little late wishing all the lovers out there a Happy Valentine’s…will this gift make up for it? I can guarantee it won’t melt or wilt.

To see more of this gorgeous photo, click here


and of course one cannot miss out a little Roxy, this one gets bonus points in thousands because of the old lady’s grumpy facial expression(no, not you Roxy…)

retro roxy and crone In a departure from the typical escort call, Roxy was asked to entertain a newly-widowed woman who was anxious to make a drastic lifestyle change following her bereavement. Roxy met the woman in a motel room following the funeral, but after a short discussion, Roxy decided not to go through with it. The woman mentioned that the estate was tied up in probate, so Roxy felt the chances were slim that she would get paid after the encounter.

Click here for more

and last but not least, we have Mr Killian who has moved onto a .com adress, good work mate. Hope it goes well… Do check out his site

01A very sexy post about Lindsay Marie.

HAPPY MILF DAY: 40 Hot Hollywood Moms

so many mums, so little time 🙂

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Ok, this is just because everyone else is doing it, have still 30 days to go before Mothers day in Sweden but have now been drooling over mums all over the blogs, this is the best one so far excepting Retro Roxys mothers day card (do check it out), 40 of the most beautiful mothers around

HAPPY MILF DAY: 40 Hot Hollywood Moms « Radioactive Cookies.

and also the 10 most scariest ones.

My No 501 post

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portugalJust realised that I have just written… ok posted my 500 post (check it out below). Damn, that has gone quite quickly but I have loved every bit of it.

Met some great bloggers out there, googled at a lot of naked girls (not a bad thing at all), found some weird fetishes out there which I realised I quite liked (damn those high heels, they are sexy, and thats your fault Eroticamistress :)), had my ups and downs, especially when I started playing way too much games on Facebook (ohh that Kingdom of Camelot, u seductive game u….) and thanks to Bob Patterson and his one comment that made me come back was ‘Where you been? Inquiring fans want to know!‘ Without that comment I’m not sure if I would have returned, I would still be bloody well playing that game until my butt was sore.

After that comment, I was back and posting and enjoying myself so much again. I also changed a lot of links of one special person who I think have changed the link adress 5 times or so… Nice one dude, Taknoo 🙂 But mainly I gotta admit that the people you meet on these blogging sites are mainly people blogging as well, I love my daily routing of checking out the Readomatic and finding new blogs, commenting (both good and bad) and have a nice interaction with (Retro Roxy, you were the only one I did check out when I was stuck in my Facebook game coma. Kudos to u).

So I welcome you now to this NO 501 POST from me and I might get rid of some photos which have been on my computer some time but never got around to put them up as a separate post. Hope you enjoy and see ya for the 1001 post soon.

11527_540tumblr_kw2pnbhcjz1qa1kido1_1280black640x480s640x480 (1)hot-cold-contrast-2-floriana-barbu     good_life_by_BRZR

This picture is for you Roxy, enjoy 🙂
















And one for Taknoo…. hope u like it…









and of course one for Bob, lovely Gina Carano for you to enjoy. Btw, coming a nice blog about her soon… Enjoyed doing my research on her… 🙂

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