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Guestblog: IPC (Isaacs Picture Conclusions)

Another movie blog for you to visit, IPC has an nice and honest feel to his reviews, I trust him almost all the times (opinions are always different).

In his own words:
A few years ago I went to see the new Star Trek. The next Monday I came in to work and was instant messaging my friend on our new work-deployed instant message system (no profanities, etc) and he asked how I liked the movie. I told him it was so good he needed to go see it immediately and dress real nice, including wearing a top hat and maybe even a monocle. “In fact” I said, “It’s so good you need to wear four top hats.”

Later I went to see Piranha 3D and we wanted to talk about it but, if you’ve seen it, the subject matter is not exactly work friendly so I set up a website on iWeb and we railed on shitty movies and talked a lot about boobs. Eventually iWeb went away so I migrated over to WordPress and here we are today.

I present: Isaacs picture conclusions (IPC)




Before we get too excited, one way or another, about this movie based on its title, let me post that this isn’t anywhere nearly as taboo as the risque premise presented to us. Yes there are a lot of semi-attractive, fully naked women in this, some weenuses also get some screen time and there’s lots of killing with CGI blood, but there’s only one “nun” who has any guns and they are just pistols, with the exception of some sort of semi automatic weapon she has at the end. This could be more aptly called, “The Revenge of the Nun Who Sheds Her Outfit Frequently” but I suppose that wouldn’t be as alluring to fans of the Nunsploitation genre, now would it? 

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This new segment is to try and prove to people that I don’t only watch horseshit movies and that I’m not totally insane. LOL 

This is how the conversation went after we finished it:

ME: WOW. That was totally so much better than I thought it was going to be.

MRS. THE IPC: Like totes?

ME: Totes. I thought it was going to be a pretentious, high brow, mother fucker from looking at the trailers.

MRS. THE IPC: Are you going to write about it?

ME: Nah – a lot of other people have and they’ve done much better jobs than I could. I wouldn’t have anything worthwhile to add.

MRS. THE IPC: What would you give it?

ME: Totally a five. I loved it!! Samuel L Jackson was a fucking crack up every second he was on screen.

MRS. THE IPC: HA HA HA!! Yes he was!! I loved Jamie Foxx’s ” Blue Boy” outifit.

ME: That was hilarious. We should get one of those for Chris FILMHIPSTER for Christmas!!

MRS. THE IPC: I’m sure his wife would love that!

ME: Totes!

~ END ~

This one wasn’t randomised but it’s a great page with some awesome interviews, his victims are usually fellow bloggers but always interesting read.

So plenty of space remaining here so lets do some unselfish advertisment for their ongoing Shitfest 2013 FALL edition, this is an review of the worst of the worst movies out there, altough I did like the 2headed shark movie. Click here for the movies so far.


Since there hasn’t been anything new to get out and watch, I pulled a random movie from our Ottoman (that is filled with DVDs) and took it in over the week. At first I wasn’t going to give this any Top Hats and wait for the viewer to read, watch and comment, but then I figured that’s not the way I do things, so I gave it the median range score and will do two reviews, hopefully short ones, one good and  one bad. I mean, in the end, I say to you “I liked this movie”, but it is so filled with problems that it is hard to tell if they did them on purpose or if they cared so less that it didn’t make any difference and they just went with it to finish it up and try and make a “cult classic”. Then again, I didn’t want to watch it again with the director’s commentary to get his thoughts (because twice is enough), so I can’t be the ultimate judge of this thing, so, here we go. AND – to note – this is a movie called ZOMBIE STRIPPERS so – you’re expectations have to be set accordingly.
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Guestblog: Written in blood

Been a lover of horror movies since I first saw Frankenstein on the small screen, my first subscription of a magazine was Fangoria, a superb horror mag with all the news about what was happening in the horror genre.

Nowadays if I need some reviews or hints on what to watch, I go to the web and Written in Blood blog was an great choice when I first stumbled upon it, great reviews and interviews. So if you fancy yourself a little blood and chills, go here and enjoy.

In his own words:
As of July 31, 2011 Written in Blood will be just that. It will no longer carry the subtitle ‘A Horror Fan’s Random Ramblings’. This will reflect that I intend to write solely about horror. I am sure there were those of you who got a kick out of my Random Ramblings posts and the one about sending away for new breasts. If you did, I’m glad; but looking back I don’t find them to be in tune with the original idea I had for this blog. Written in Blood is my love letter to horror films. That is why I am constantly trying to improve my writing and to find the right words in the right sequence. Stephen King once said of the novelist Thomas Harris (The Silence of the Lambs) that writing is like  ”writhing on the floor in agonies of frustration”, because, for Harris, “the very act of writing is a kind of torment”. I don’t find the act of writing to be a torment, but I understand what King means. Like Harris, I want to put together the right letters to form the right words, sentences and paragraphs to get my point across to my audience. Am I making sense?

I present: Written in blood

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Top 10 Worst Blockbusters In Recent History

Such a great top 10 worst list, so many of the movies are actually embarrassingly enough favourites of mine but I do know how awful they are. Wild wild west (awesome but awful), Armageddon (I know, I know…), Independence Day (yikes… but love it)

This isn’t necessarily a list of the worst movies of all time, although a lot of them would probably make that list, also. This list has more to do with being crappy, escapist garbage that appeals to the lowest-common denominator. That isn’t to say that you should feel bad if some of these movies are personal favorites of yours– Actually, yes, you should feel bad if some of these movies are personal favorites of yours.

Top 10 Worst Blockbusters In Recent History.

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