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Running wild

Sports day so run girls run. 

Survived it…


Btw I did survive the marathon, not a record breaking pace exactly but got in at 5hrs 37minutes. Talk about pain but was such a great atmosphere that I didn’t care…

Take notice of my winners drink, was honestly the best beer ever at that moment 🙂

And the reason for my slow pace, see below:


The chase of Summertime



Very nice but it would take much more that that to encourage me to run a half marathon – Good luck – let me know if you want any sponsorship – every little helps LOL

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I do need to get Summertime in shape and as he says in his comment that it would take more than my sexy runner to encourage him to run a half marathon… well let’s get cracking with my team of helpers.

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Running sunday

Aaarrgghh, after a week of miserable work with my internet connection, it looks like I’m back now, I hope… so thank god I had scheduled pinups for 1 month so they have been on automatic, and now to go through all my emails (yikes, 500… gonna take some time to read all those posts…) Quite interesting though to be without the internet, you don’t miss too much but still feel a little bit left out.

Have a running Sunday in front of me, doing the British 10km run for Charity tomorrow through the streets of London. Gonna be fun to see if I will survive… Smile

and to wave me off, I do hope these Vietnamese girls are in the running as well but kinda doubt it.


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