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This is war

I just love Buffy The Vampire slayer and the whole Whedonwerse so this one just gave me a big bloody orgasm watching, brilliant music and editing…

Vintage space suits ad

vintage sexy space suit

Vintage Space Suits Ad by ~zaidoigres

Dune themed travel posters

As an travel agent I so want to book people to these places…


via Ragnarfan

Day 7 last years sci-fi week


Nintendo cosplay

Zero Suit (as above), Legend Of Zelda, Supermario, Link and more cosplay.


Beautiful old sci-fi posters

Love the old style posters of this time, they are funky, playful and just damn gorgeous.

Day 6 last years sci-fi week

Day 6 was a really quiet one with just the lovely Amanda Tapping on display..


Day 4 last years sci-fi week

day4A quiet day for my sci-fi week but I do love this girl to bits, so that’s why I’m having one post about her this year with more pictures of this sexy girl together with some other from the Whedon universe later this week. Enjoy Morena Baccarin people.

Day 3 last years sci-fi week


Legend of the Seeker Babes

I did love this show when it was on, come on, it had Charisma Carpenter and so so so many more sexy girls in shiny leather. I was in heaven.


Lucy Lawless

Another heroine of mine, I was watching Xena every sunday morning religiously. OK, mainly I watched it for her sidekick Garbrielle. I was truly and utterly in love with both Xena and Gabrielle.

Sexy Summer Glau

Summer Glau - The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Cameron

summer-glau-1280x1024-32418Summer Glau is best known for playing River Tam in the science fiction series Firefly and follow-up film Serenity and for playing Cameron in the series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.


  • She loves to watch cooking shows.
  • She is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Auditioned for the role of “Kitty Pryde” in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) and had even asked Joss Whedon (who was writing Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men comic book at the time and whose ideas contributed to the plot of X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)) for assistance in preparing for the part. Ultimately, the role went to Ellen Page.
  • She had not actually seen the Terminator movies, before being cast in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (2008).


Calcon Space Girl 2010


via Omar-Dogan

Science-Fiction / Fantasy week


is back this week. Been a year since my last one so thought it was time again. So starting monday 00.01 19th of september UK time 00.00 there will be mainly sci-fi geekiness and sexy sci-fi girls for the entire week. Hope you will enjoy… 

Fuck me, Ray Bradbury (reblog)

//Published 18th of August 2010//

Fuck me, Ray Bradbury

I do like this video, always good to see sci-fi love for one of the greatest authors but he has disappointed me in the latest day with his rant “We have too many cellphones. We’ve got too many Internets. We have got to get rid of those machines. We have too many machines now.”  Ehh, what a…

Bradbury wrote darkly about bookburning in "Fahrenheit 451," but he sounds ready to use a Kindle for kindling. “I was approached three times during the last year by Internet companies wanting to put my books" on an electronic reading device, he said. "I said to Yahoo, ‘Prick up your ears and go to hell.’ " I just couldn’t belive it, I’m not a big fan of E-readers either, want my paper books but still anything to get people to read is great so his response is kinda out there.

Still enjoy the video won’t ya.

My movie weekend is sorted

Oh boy, I so got my work cut out for me this weekend, got delivered home today a lovely set of DVDs to enjoy and I truly mean enjoy, some of the best and worst movies in a nice mix, my flatmate didn’t look to pleased but I will make her enjoy the awesomeness of these movies. Damn, I need to find myself a geeky girlfriend soon to enjoy these things with.  Any takers?

10674-largeThis one needs no introduction at all I think. Just such an inspiring movie. The biggest-budgeted movie ever produced at Germany’s UFA, Fritz Lang’s gargantuan Metropolis consumed resources that would have yielded upwards of 20 conventional features, more than half the studio’s entire annual production budget. And if it didn’t make a profit at the time — indeed, it nearly bankrupted the studio — the film added an indelible array of images and ideas to cinema, and has endured across the many decades since its release.



And Zsa Zsa Gabor in skimpy outfit                  Jack, jack, jack…. I just love this movie.
doesn’t sounds so bad in                                         This novel based movie was made for him.
Queen Of Outer space

49310-large                      1135-large

Surprise me, not sure about this one.              The storyline is weak but it’s Cab!

63228-large                    101817-large


Also remember that I did like this one as a kid but can’t remember that the Son of Kong looked so much like a doofus…


Remembered that I thought Donovan’s
Brain was excellent when I first saw it as a
15 year old, here’s hoping I wasn’t a lousy            This purchase is just because of          
movie fan back then… :D                                          John Carradine, big fan….

152473-large                      152479-large 152842-large

Ok, this is probably my weakest purchase but couldn’t help it when I read the story ‘Olaf and his mother run a boarding house, and a white slavery ring. They also smuggle heroin to keep the addict girls happy, so they do not try and escape. A young couple move into the house, and the evil landlords take a liking to the female. Don’t mess with THIS Dwarf…!’ Am so a sucker f0r proper bad bad bad movies.

Laughed out loud when I found this review:

‘this film is weird, terrible acting, terrible music but lots of happy teddybears. worth watching as it is so odd it’s kinda entertaining.’ 

Lots of happy teddybears????? anyway,


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