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Sexy secretary Stoya


Denise Milani – The Secretary

Ok, Denise Milani won by a massive landslide on the polls and I’m not surprised, she is quite an amazing model to feast your eyes on so hope you enjoy this video of her as secretary.

Oh those secretaries

Summertime has got his new temp up and running so better start with my selection process for my new temp …

sexy secreterarysexy secreterary (2)sexy secreterary (4)sexy secreterary (3)

Todays pinup Sexy secretary


via Celeste Giuliano

Last chance to vote: Sexy costumes

Ok, last chance to vote for your favourite sexy costumes you would like to see your girlfriend or boyfriend in… Not amazed to see the schoolgirl outfit being in the top but honestly, does no one likes the police officers look, an outstanding ZERO votes. LOL.

Todays pinup


We do love the secreterary look…

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