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Updates for my pinup collection

My page for the pinups of july month, see them all here.

500fullfreidapinto Amelia_and_Jenna_The_Kiss_by_hihosteverinoback_to_school_by_katkillHot_rod_mama_by_candeecampbell   lollipop pinupMartini_Time__Redux_by_deanreevesiipinup_in_pink_by_candeecampbellPinup_Sweetheart_by_angi87  

Have also added some new pinups to my pinup collection.

Classic pinup artists:

Fritz Willis, pure genious with the canvas.
>>> Click here for more

willis18 FritzWillis_01 FritzWillis_09 FritzWillis_18 

George Petty, another great one, most remembered for his Memphis Belle artnose pinup.

>>> Click here for more.

petty68 GeorgePetty_37 petty03 petty50 petty57 petty63 [tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]

Latex friday

black latex girl A nice collection of latex and slim slim slim slim bodies, there are some amazing latex clothing out there and they are seeeexy… btw, last picture is lovely Lady Gaga in a nice bondage position… Go girl…

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]










Just look at that backside of the girl in red, down below, phew..

amazing ass in latex miss red latex Ancilla Simon-O Pink_Martini_by_Miss_Madria © 2010 of  Julian M Kilsby sexy blonde in latex tumblr_l3xp9w45m91qzegvmo1_500 tumblr_l4kz0qg7Dn1qza4gto1_500

Girl got back

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]Since I had an all-white win in the polls, I think I have to balance it up a little bit with this girl, don’t know her name but my of my, whatta body… ok, will start drooling now…

girl got back

Ahem here comes April months poll

I actually had completely forgot about this poll which has been on since April now… Apparently the white ladies won, actually a little bit surprised, thought more people would go for the Latino girls… but hey a worthy winner so here comes a nice lady for ya, the always lovely Pamela Anderson.


bull09 (5)bull09 bull09 (1) bull09 (2) bull09 (4)  bull09 (11)bull09 (6)  bull09 (8) bull09 (9) bull09 (10)

How to cut and light a cigar w sexy Aria Giovanni

[tweetmeme source=”erotixx” only_single=false]There are worse ways to learn how to cut and light a cigar than these videos with Aria Giovanni….

Aria Giovanni (born November 3, 1977) is a pornographic actress and model who was Penthouse magazine’s Pet for the month of September 2000. She has modeled in a range of photographic styles and has also had roles in television shows.

and to finish it off, some lovely pictures of the gorgeous girl:

aria_giovanni_bigariaGiovanni_001giovanni_blackj AriaGiovanni

and of course I have blogged about this girl before:

aria giovanni thumb
Freezing Aria

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