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Friday lovelies

Some Friday re-blogs of some cool, very sexy and weird (yepp, thats your post Bob) stuff.

Click on the photos to be transported to the blogposts… Enjoy all…

The Chefs Girlfriend


via Gorgeous Company

The truth is out there 

rapture-allthereligiouswackosaregoneAnd Bob at Striking Thoughts has found some really fun and disturbing photos (Michelle Bachmann warning!)
Open-mouthed smile

New Pet

new petAnd Grumpy Old Fart has  found himself some new pets to show off…

For being late


… and this one just rocks.


Catching up with the Chaplins


Super photo of Chaplin relaxing on set via Chained and Perfumed


mortysAnd I Want Ice Water has this really awesome animated short movie, I really loved this story.

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