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Reading While Walking

I loved this article which showed me that I was not alone doing this. I love reading my book while walking, you will never see me without an book I can promise you that. On my walk to the tube station (25 minutes) I can get through quite a lot of pages while managing to duck the obstacles that one does come across, mainly other people or streetlamps. But it doesn’t always works, I have managed to find myself once or twice hitting my head quite good while walking into streetlamps. So I hope there are others who are like me as well… Read on guys and girls…

If you’ve ever seen someone reading while walking (“readwalking”), you might’ve made any number of reasonable assumptions: They’re reading a really good book They’re probably lacking a little in safety consciousness They spend a lot of time walking every day and have realized that reading while walking maximizes their re … Read More

via The Monster in Your Closet

sexy girl reading

The above one doesn’t really have anything to do with readwalking but it is a good picture though…

Ok just a silly silly cat post with bouncy boobs

tumblr_l88quyJGW81qdrha5o1_400Ok, this picture is just so silly but I did sit and giggle for at least 5 minutes when I saw this, I might blame it on too many drinks after work but rather I think I blame it on my own sense of humour… Thanks Mak for making me happy, via Eyes on the price

Update: Woke up with a nice hangover but still find this one quite funny even without alcohol 😀

Christianity attacks comic con LOL

Baptist Church To Protest Comic-Con For “Idol-Worship” Just gotta wonder, don’t they really have any better to do than to attack us comic nerds. Come on Hulk do my bidding and spank their asses. 🙂

protester at comic con [tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]

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