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Vem vet – Who knows

Great lyrics and a great swedish songwriter/singer Lisa Ekdahl.

in case this one doesn’t work in the states, this vimeo should do the trick but no captions I’m afraid so have added the translation here.

Lisa Ekdahl – Vem Vet (Who knows)
Du är en saga för god för att vara sann (You’re a fairytale too good to be true)
det är en saga i sig att vi funnit varann (It’s a fairytale in itself that we found each other)
vi kunde lika gärna aldrig nånsin mötts (We could just as well never ever have met)
eller var vårt möte redan bestämt långt innan vi fötts? (Or had our meeting already been decided long before we were born?)
vem vet, inte du (Who knows, not you)
vem vet. inte jag (Who knows, not me)
vi vet ingenting nu (We know nothing now)
vi vet inget idag (We know nothing today)
vem vet, inte du (Who knows, not you)
vem vet. inte jag (Who knows, not me)
vi vet ingenting nu (We know nothing now)
vi vet inget idag (We know nothing today)

Tonights pinup Nikki Grier

Couldn’t wait with posting this girl, considering I got Todays pinup scheduled until the end of October, would just be too long a wait… Open-mouthed smile

nikki grier

Nikki Grier(model) is a singer/songwriter/pin up from California, website:

Photographer: Melanie Harrison // via pinuppost

And a nice little promo if you wanna hear what she sounds like.

Day 6/7 from @eroticamistress blog

Well, last day of guestblogging at The intoxication of Vera Roberts is over, had fun and I hope she enjoyed it as well.

Day 7:


Amazing black girls: Beyonce Knowles


Amazing black girls: Janet Jackson


Amazing black girls: Whitney Houston


The Sunday goodie bag of ebony  queens And as for this post, well this is the mix and match Sunday goodie bag of some of the photos I didn’t have time to post.

Day 6:


A little pink pinup delight


Sexy Kennita decorating the tree I know, I know… xmas is over but better be early than to late right but couldn’t help myself when I saw this gorgeous tree decorating nymph.




Caught in the corner

Lauryn-Hill-lauryn-hill-60400_593_768and well, Lauryn Hill was gonna be among the last babes but have to keep her for another time. She is just so delicious…


I’m a fan of Rhianna…not necesarily her voice but her overall style. Besides, she’s pretty sexy to look at, don’t you think?  Along are some facts of the sultry hitmaker.

Rhianna has many tattoos, with the latest count at 14.


Rhianna counts Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Beyonce as few of her many influences.


Rhianna was born Robyn Rhianna Fenty in February 1988.


Rhianna moved from her native Barbados to the United States when she was 16.


At the beginning of her career, Rhianna was often compared to Beyonce. Her image changed upon the release of Good Girl Gone Bad which revealed a sexier and more risque Rhianna.


Katy Perry

These lovely black and white photos come from Katy Perry’s photoshoot with Esquire back in 2010. Enjoy!

This last photo is from Katy’s photoshoot with Complex magazine back in 2007.

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