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The released S&M II from Vera Roberts

ver4-with-more-cowbellHave just purchased the book myself now, but haven’t read it yet but since I was one of the lucky ones to have got the sneak-peek of 5 chapters I know it’s gonna be a good read.

This is an extract from Vera Roberts page, to read more, click here S&M II – Final Sneak Peek:

Mariana pulled down her pajama bottoms and stepped out of them. She was naked underneath them. She bent over Scott’s lap and steadied herself with her hands. “Where are you?” He asked.

Mariana knew what he was referring to. Her tolerance level. She wanted to lie and say red. For some reason, the truth came out. Maybe she did want to get spanked again. “Green.”

“Good girl,” Scott raised his left hand and crushed it against Mariana’s ass. She whimpered. “That’s for leaving without saying goodbye.” He slapped her ass again, this time a bit harder. “That’s for leaving your gifts behind that I spent a lot of time and money picking out.” He slapped her ass again, harder than the last time. A moan escaped Mariana’s lips. “And that’s for lying about me to your roommate.”

Mariana’s ass stung with pain yet all she felt was pleasure. Her body was on fire and all she wanted was Scott inside her. She completely forgot she was pissed off at him. “I’m sorry, Master.

To get the book at $0.99, click here

S&M Extended Sneak Peek

Some promotion for my lovely author friend Vera Roberts who has kicked ass and has released her 3rd erotic book this week. Just bought it myself so will let you know what I think soon, chapter 1-3 is mmmm good so it’s looking promising… So if you want a good read, check it out.


The wait is finally over! As promised, S&M is now available on and at the super-duper cheap price of $0.99 cents! (I wasn’t playing when I said it was cheap).

Thank you

Young couple naked Man and woman sleeping in bed

Even though Mariana expected to get some sleep, she didn’t think she’ll get none. Scott had the sexual appetite of a guy in his twenties and the skills of a seasoned man in his forties. He was insatiable and couldn’t get enough of her. He twisted her body in a variety of positions and sucked on her clit until she climaxed at least three times. It did seem like he wasn’t having sex for just for pleasure but perhaps, some old selfish need of his own. He had to prove something to someone. It didn’t matter to Mariana; she was just fine enjoying the ride.

She was sucking his cock again, swirling her tongue over his shaft and gently kissing the mushroom tip when Scott spoke to her. “Watch yourself suck my cock,” he motioned to the mirror.

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Book cover for S&M…. (via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts)

I actually have finally purchased a kindle so now I can finally read these sexy stories that my girl in the states (and yes, Caliwinter, I know she is yours once again Smile ) is publishing.

Her 2nd book Scott & Mariana is soon out (I guess…)


Details on where to find it will be made soon…. … Read More

via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts

If you missed her first book, click here to jump over to amazon.

YouTube – Rihanna – S&M

Hopefully it works, you might have to sign in to see it since they have put an age limit on it. Great video though and actually an ok song…

Rihanna’s racy new video ‘S&M’ has reportedly been banned by 11 countries and faces an age restriction on YouTube. The video, which depicts the 22 year old popstar dressed in latex and whipping a man, has already been axed from the BBC’s daytime radio playlist in the UK, reported Mirror online.

“We are waiting for an edited version before deciding whether it will be played in the daytime,” said a BBC spokesperson. The song’s suggestive lyrics and the accompanying video has led to it being flagged as inappropriate for users under the age of 18 by YouTube.

YouTube users are split on the video, with some claiming that it is close to being pornography, while others say that Rihanna has grown up and this video reflects her healthy attitude to sex.


YouTube – Rihanna – S&M.

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