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Sexy Smokers

Yummy smoking photos.

Todays pinup

Sexy smokers

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I love photos of smoking sexy girls..

Smoking art

Smoking hotties

Smoking hotties 

Sexy smokers

Yes yes I know it’s bad for you but I love the sexy smoking ladies..

Smoke ’em..

Smoking love

#Smoking hotties

Puff away.. 

Smoking Sophia Loren 

.. now this is hot for for me.. I love these sensual smoking photos.. not fot everyone but thank god we are all different.. 

Sexy smoker 

It’s a stunning photo… 

Sexy smokers 

About time for some sexy smoking girls. And also for new readers, just a quick recap what smoking fetish is.

From Wikipedia: Smoking fetishism (also known as capnolagnia) is a sexual fetish based on the sight or image of a person smoking. The reasons why a man or woman has a smoking fetish may vary from person to person. It is thought that most smoking fetishists are heterosexual men, though there are small groups of homosexual and bisexual women who have expressed similar interests in the fetish. Among heterosexual men, the fetish is often associated with oral fixations and fellatio and it is rather caused by the image of the woman smoking, than by the smell.

Another cultural source for the fetish may be eroticized depictions of women who smoke that come from older motion pictures, especially from the film noir era.

Men also enjoy seeing the smoke pouring from the woman’s mouth or nostrils. Thats my own personal favourite.

And if you want to see more click here..

Sexy smokers #smoking #fetish 

Sexy smoker

Sexy smoker love…

Thanks to Summertime for reminding me to post some gorgeous smokers.

And this lovely babe from Summertime.

Via Summertime


FWD: My personal ashtray

Had to reblog this… maid, check. Personal ashtray assistance, no check.  Need to put out an ad now 😆

Via Summertime


Sexy #smokers 

Stogie time..

Love cigars and if accompanied by a gorgeous lady I am so in heaven…

Smoking Vanessa Paradis

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