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Hot sport girls

I feel much more likely to go the gym now…



Sexy Olympics 2012

As we are getting closer and closer to the opening, even though the lovely ladies football has already started which I’m so happy about. Go Sweden 🙂 Anyhoo, why not have a look at what girls are in London for me to gawk at or stalk, so many ladies so little time. 😀 Hope you enjoy the gallery of gorgeous athletes.

Fighting fit

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The very sexy Jamie Chung.

Candice all ready to play tennis

candice swanepoel in tennis gear

The always lovely Candice Swanepoel is looking for a new tennis partner, anyone?

The chase of Summertime



Very nice but it would take much more that that to encourage me to run a half marathon – Good luck – let me know if you want any sponsorship – every little helps LOL

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I do need to get Summertime in shape and as he says in his comment that it would take more than my sexy runner to encourage him to run a half marathon… well let’s get cracking with my team of helpers.

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Tennis girl

This one would have been perfect for the Australian Open tennis post but better late than never right?


by Amelkovich

Limbering up

Congrats to the US 2011 pole dancing winner Natasha Wang

How I wished that I would have been in NY this weekend, eleven dancers went head to head for the the title of 2011 US Pole dancing champion in New York. Natasha Wang won and I found this amazing routine online.

Congrats Natasha.

Wanna play some pool?


Am so going to my pool club tomorrow but expect old men in beards 😦

Sporty girls

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