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Sport the way I like it, just watching and enjoying 😆



Via a pondering mind

Are you a lurker? I’m a big ass lurker 🙂 and proud. I try to give a comment now and then for a good blog post but yes, sometimes no…

Today is the 13th Love Our Lurkers Day, an initiative that has been running longer than this blog. What is it exactly?

Lurkers, anonymous readers, call them what you will. They are the people who read this blog on a regular or occasional basis, but never leave a comment. On LOL days, we encourage those people to be brave and leave a comment.

Via voice in the corner and Summertime has a nice photos on his blog as well. Gonna lurk away now 😆

And since its Friday you can have some home baking.


Oh nein you didn’t…

tumblr_m7tpgmkavx1rx17wyo1_250this one made me giggle for a long time…

and now for the sexy ladies:

Feel like boxing?                                              or maybe cooking?


or wanna try out your new corset?                   or wishing for school to start again?


or die happy in the bosom of this kick ass girls cleavage?

What’s your pleasure…

Not The Done Thing by TidiousTed

I’m all for outdoor sports in the nudes but in the snow? Not unless there is a sauna really really close by…


I’m a Norwegian. I know a thing or two about skiing, and this is not the way to dress if there is a hard crust on the snow, nudist or not – Ted

via RetroRambling

NFL Football time in London (and cheerleaders)

down_and_dirty_by_xthumbtakx-d4dn2cbIt’s that time of the year when the NFL have one game on in Wembley Arena, London. Have been going to these games since 5 years now and finally my team is arriving in the UK to hopefully kick some ass. Am a huge Chicago Bears fan so have my orange bears shirt at ready. Go Bears!

(picture by  =xthumbtakx)


and can’t say anything bad about slow-mo videos can you Flirt male


I bloody survived 10km run

I’m so happy to have survived and also to managed to get ahead of my fellow colleagues running, was quite a shit beginning, managed to wake up late so that the bag drop was closed by the time I got there so had to run with my backpack but at least that got me to have my cigarettes close to me which was actually a boost for me (although I did manage to stay away from them the entire race).

On the sad note, although I was running with my 5 lovely female colleagues no hanky panky occurred and the most erotic thing was a nude man running with a loin cloth so altogether quite a miserable run Open-mouthed smile On the good part, considering I had no training, ok did do 30 minutes run to the pub the week before but not sure if I can count that one. Anyhoo, did finish off in 1 hour and 22 minutes which for a 38 year old with absolutely no consideration for his body is bloody damn good. Whoohoo, which meant that all of us went to the pub to celebrate and try to forget this entire run, we did good… until next year…

and yes, this is the waiting video when I got bored, it was just insane with people.

and honestly if you managed to come this far down in the post, you should be rewarde with lovely Emma Stone going sexy on your ass.

emma stone on vanity fair cover

Sexy gym talk

sexy girl locker

This is so much better than the sweaty people I have to see in my gym locker.

The Dream series from Annie Leibovitz

I know, this is quite old now but I do love what Annie Leibovitz done with the Disney characters ‘Dream’ portraits with posing celebs.

01 04 08 09 621Leibovitz_Disney_Photos_LA201_554587724012008 Annie-Leibovitz-s-Disney-Dream-Portrait-Series-disney-1361373-2000-130055246400 3362956935_f3c0d85d59  annie-leibovitz-julianne-moore-michael-phelps  Annie-Leibovitz-s-Disney-Dream-Portrait-Series-disney-1361376-2000-1333  TinaFeyLARGE tumblr_lhhcjg8lhD1qzmforo1_500 Olivia Wilde

My new sexy personal trainer

If I did go to the gym, I wouldn’t mind having her as my personal trainer…

sexy training w asian girl 

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