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Hot sexy stockings

Getting unstrapped

Have a love for them stockings and the pleasure to take them off a girl. 

Stocking off or on…


Oh my my…

Sock me…


Oh man, why do I so love these kind of stockings on girls…


Yeah we all wish these were the stockings to hang up for xmas 🙂

Hot legs





Brief history

Did you realize that women’s stockings have been around for hundreds of years? It is generally agreed that they were extremely popular going back all the way to the early 16th century but there are some that say they go all the way back to ancient Egypt. These early stockings were not really stockings at all but more like the forerunners of panty hose as they were all together one garment. What we are covering in this article are actual stockings that end at the upper thigh and are usually held up by garter belts.

The first stockings that were made in the early 16th century were very think and not very elastic at all and were handmade by knitting. With the advent of the fabric industry becoming more diverse with the introduction of different fabrics like wool, nylon, cotton, and silk the stockings began to be made from more different blends. Towards the end of the century William Lee who was a member of the clergy came up with the first knitting machine which resulted in the mass production of hosiery, especially those made of cotton. These early stockings were made for function, not sexiness.

In the 1920s, after the First World War it became very popular to wear shorter skirts and with the appearance of these shorter fashions came the reemergence of stockings made of silk as well as garters. During the Second World War seamed stockings became all the rage with a hand sewn seam at the back of the stocking. The introduction of nylon also occurred during this time period and due to the fact that it was much less expensive than silk it quickly became a leader in the market, overtaking silk and making purchases of silk stockings decrease.

Modern stockings today still retain many of the same characteristics of the stockings of days gone by such as the seam in back. Still there are also big changes in today’s stockings over those of yesterday and these changes are not just in the rainbow of colors available.

Even though panty hose became very popular in the 1960s they aren’t exactly what one would call sexy and they also are not very sturdy since they snag very easily. Stockings on the other hand exude sexiness and are loved by women and men alike, what man isn’t turned on by a woman in a sexy pair of stockings? I know I love to see my wife in them.

Gregg Hall is an author living with his beautiful wife and family in Navarre Beach, Florida.

Via ezine

Todays pinups galore

judy popSo since I’m off for a few days let’s go all out with a kick ass massive pinup post, hope you enjoy and that it will keep you going until I come back…


cherri bombebony silkkay oharalucy furmme absinthepepper mintsheree kellyrose mcgowanOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         saritumblr_m5u770VlMU1qzgf1uo1_500


Picture number 1:  Judy Pop, photo by Jeremy Scott

Picture number 2: The lovely Ashleeta,
photo by

Picture number 4: Ebony Silk

Picture number 5: Kay O’Hara

Picture number 6: Model: Lucy Fur

The apprentice Laura Hogg


honestly people, why didn’t ever anyone tell me that there was a drop dead gorgeous blonde on The Apprentice UK, need to get me the new Nuts Magazine to see more…


Todays pinup


Wanna go shoe shopping

Some legs, high heels and stockings are always a pleasure…

sexy black and white

tumblr_lbpct9BSfy1qe8lnho1_500cute girl

Big picture above via Eyes on the prize 


No shoes on the last one but the stockings and legs made me gasp anyway…

Feel the pain

I knew that the NHS (National Health Service) service has gone down a bit but this… mmm need to get myself to this hospital pronto. Open-mouthed smile


Todays pinup


Todays pinup

sarah jayne

Model: Sarah Jayne
Photography:Pin Up Perfection

Todays pinup Jenna-Fur Jinx

jenna fur jinx

Model Jenna-Fur Jinx
Photography by Foto-Retro

Todays pinup


Todays pinup

angela ryan pinup

Model: Angela Ryan
Photo: Tim Bennett

Todays pinup

This is stockings heaven for me…

oh those stockings

Todays pinup

A little Parisian feel to this picture… Oh la la..

sexy girl by the window

Rincewind’s Fetish (via Grumpy old fart!!!)

What a way to get better but seeing this being posted, you just gotta see this series of photos where the maid has got the upper hand for once.

wmbc20100323-071Poor Rincewind, suffering in bed has started to think about fetishes to pass the time imagining the joy at seeing a chair bound colleague. To help aid his delusions Xaxasissy demonstrates what happens when the maid gets out of hand 😀 … Read More

via Grumpy old fart!!!

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