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Red flash << via Social Overdose


from Social Overdose

Sexy smokers videos

It’s not for everyone but as said, I do love those smoking girls as probably most of you know and have finally got my ass out of gear sorted out that Smokers corner of mine with some videos of sexy girls smoking. Check it out if you fancy a puff of fresh (hmm) air.

Star Wars burlesque storm trooper strip

Part 1:

Part 2:

Sexy Star Trek burlesque striptease

Ode to 2011 – very sexy video

Ode 2011 Ver2 NSFW from grayagent on Vimeo.

Just love the bunny girl…

Sexy japanese girl video

Congrats to the US 2011 pole dancing winner Natasha Wang

How I wished that I would have been in NY this weekend, eleven dancers went head to head for the the title of 2011 US Pole dancing champion in New York. Natasha Wang won and I found this amazing routine online.

Congrats Natasha.

Storm Trooper Burlesque

This is my proper Star Wars fantasy from now on, forget about Leia... :)
This is my Star Wars fantasy from now on, forget about Leia 🙂

OBVIOUSWINNER – So easy to see the awesomeness: Storm Trooper Burlesque.

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