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Super Bowl sunday

It’s Superbowl Sunday.  For me it will be a late night watching due to the time difference but have still not missed it for 10 years. Oki my team is not playing, yes I’m a Chicago Bears man.

​Super Bowl LI will be the 51st Super Bowl and the 47th modern-era National Football League (NFL) championship game. The American Football Conference (AFC) champion New England Patriots will play the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Atlanta Falcons to decide the league champion for the 2016 season.

No idea who’s going to win but as for cheerleaders…sorry but for me the Patriots win with their roster of cheerleaders 

Photo’s below are not always from this year.

New England Patriots cheerleaders.

And the lovely Facons cheerleaders:

10 Absolutely Crazy Rules That Cheerleaders Need To Follow

Superbowl countdown

Getting closer now for that all time favourite Sunday.


Superbowl time soon…

Well, Superbowl is on, just one more day for kickoff. Will be enjoying it 12am in a sportsbar in London with some friends, so so good. Just a shame I forgot to take the day off so after the game (finish around 4/5 in the morning UK time) it’s work directly… aaaaahhh..


and I so wish the fans for English football teams would look like this:


and gotta admire this shot of Lady Gaga in her football pose:


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