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the lovely Susan Coffey

Happy 500k! Erotixx is….


Ok, this is going to be a glorified ego-trip so bare with me, last year 01st of march I was so thrilled at getting a 100k visits from when I started in the end of October 2009. Was quite happy when 200k mark came as well and then I forgot about it until last month when I looked and realised that I was coming close to half a million visits to my blog. Bloody hellfire, how on earth did that happen… Thanks everyone for coming around to check out the lovely girls and pinups.

And a special thanks to the blogging community out there, especially Izaakmak, Summertime and Vera Roberts who pretty much been around and commented since I started… And a special thanks to Bob Pattersonwho so nicely asked me where I was when I hadn’t posted for a couple of months, had pretty much stopped posting but that felt so good to have been missed so I started again and loving it now. Now I can’t imagining not posting…

So on to some mildly fascinating stats: 😀

My first post: Burlesque… mmmm…

The top 10 list of posts (most clicked):

1. The Pinup Collection
2. Sexy stuff
3. Jenna Jameson pictures
4. Sexy nude pictures by Igor Amelkovich
5. New york : Model Susan Coffey
6. The Classic pinup collection
7. Pinups of October ’09
8. Dominic Marco sexy pinup art
9. 80 sexy asian bikini girls
10. The modern pinup collection

My most clicked pictures all-time, number 1 to 5:


Big thanks to everyone and see you for the
1 million celebration…

and oh yeah forgot to show how happy the girls are for me as well… 😀


Susan Coffey in a tutu

tutu_by_susancoffey-d3etbu1 The ever so lovely Susan Coffey in her tutu and high heels.

New gallery with Susan Coffey

5124616978_242670f560_oHave added a new gallery with the sexy redhead Susan Coffey with over 200 pictures (over 80Mb) but they are in thumbnail format so that you can choose the ones you like.

Find them under >Sexy Stuff > Sexy redhead Susan Coffey




tumblr_lbk25eqcmn1qaw2seo1_500 10_sito_blacklace  chains_by_susancoffey-d363ms9 Miss_Red_by_SusanCoffey Parasol_by_SusanCoffey

Susan Coffey photo

I_might_like_this_one_better_by_SusanCoffey via Susan Coffey

Happy Birthday Susan Coffey


I so do love this girl, so since it’s her birthday, here’s some of her most recent photos as a loving tribute to this sexy redhead.



In her own words:

  • Current Residence: New Jersey
  • Interests: Piano, Sewing, Psychology, People, Life
  • Favourite band or musician: Kevin Devine, Ben Folds, Emily Haines
  • Favourite style of art: Alternative
  • Personal Quote: The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • Tools of the Trade: A curling iron? red hair dye? yea

712a5b21f41e324f8853a0831ee6035e-d34ojek 465232cada00d106482f93c1d9858e24-d364mxf7362910d2de7c83110e4c7134e05ab2c-d34ik6fherectic_city_by_susancoffey-d38bwrb  f55b799e700e848e17cd3264546662d6-d364mq7

Do check out her website here:

And if you like her, check out my other posts about the girl:

for_fun_by_susancoffey_thumb1          i_heart_ny_by_susancoffey_thumb        new_york_by_susancoffey

    Todays pinup                     Hmm and                  New York: Model Susan Coffey
                                                   I Love NY

   spring09_by_susancoffey_thumb1            nymph__by_susancoffey_thumb                  aurawithsusancoffey_thumb

    Gorgeous picture                     Nymph                        Susan Coffey in bikini

Susan Coffey in bikini

Long time since I had a Susan Coffey pictures now so thank god for summer and bikini shots coming around again… whooohooo 🙂

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]aura with susan coffey Braids_by_SusanCoffey

Check out her website here:

And if you like her, check out my other posts about the girl:

for_fun_by_susancoffey_thumb i_heart_ny_by_susancoffey_thumb new_york_by_susancoffey 

   Todays pinup             Hmm and           New York: Model Susan Coffey                                  
                                           I Love NY                 

spring09_by_susancoffey_thumb    nymph__by_susancoffey_thumb

Gorgeous picture            Nymph

Todays Pinup Susan Coffey

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]For_fun_by_SusanCoffey




















via Susan Coffey

100k visitors to Erotixx blog – Big love to all


Ps, I guess tagging tits and boobs does work it’s magic as well 🙂

and a big thanks to WordPress for having such excellent service to blog with.
Love all around tonite.

Some stats:

My top pages

Sexy nude pictures by Igor Amelkovich 1,761
New york : Model Susan Coffey 1,571
Pinups of October ’09 1,333
Dominic Marco sexy pinup art 1,222
80 sexy asian bikini girls 1,100
Jenna Jameson pictures 895

Busiest day:1,786 — Friday, October 23, 2009


Posts:          428

Comments:  151

Categories:   20

Tags:           594

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hmmm and I heart NY by Susan Coffey

I can drown in these eyes and as a redhead lover I’m doomed to just sigh happily when I know there is creatures like her walking the earth 🙂


Photographer: Marvin Orendain
MUA: Natasha Romero



Shot by Brandon Herman

Check out her website here:

To see more of my blog posts about this girl, click here.
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New york : Model Susan Coffey


She is just so sexy, check out her site.

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