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Mandy, Sweet sexy comic girl

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  Dean Yeagle is an accomplished animator, most likely best known for his character ‘Mandy’, who has frequented the pages of Playboy Magazine.

As a young Disney fan, Yeagle set his sights on becoming an animator for Disney around the age of 10. During this time he often drew Disney characters, but later began to develop his own.

After graduating from High School, Yeagle went to art school, leaving after a year. He began his animation career in a small studio in Philadelphia, PA with a summer job, giving him his first taste of the industry. He served four years in the Navy during the Vietnam era, and later worked for Jack Zander (who once animated Tom and Jerry cartoons for MGM) in Zander’s Animation Parlour, New York.

Seven years after starting at Zander’s Animation Parlour, Yeagle began freelancing, working for most of the New York animation studios before starting his own – Caged Beagle Productions – in 1986 with Nancy Beiman. Caged Beagle produces TV commercials, CD-ROMs, sub-contracts or consults on features and character design.

Check out his offical site here.

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