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Sexy Bianca Beauchamp

I so adore the bad teacher in latex kinda look, and once again, where were they during my school classes… Flirt male

bianca beauchamp (2)bianca beauchamp

Todays pinup


via Alvarado

Todays pinup


via Celeste Giuliano

Todays pinup plus behind-the-scene video

My god, this photographer Celeste Giuliano is just so amazing that it gets my brain frying. If ever I go to Philadelphia, I am so going over to their studio just to give them a big hug for all the great photos they have done. This one is the number 2 winner in a radioshow in Philly, just waiting to see no 1’s pictures. Do check out the video at the end for a behind-the-scenes look.

sexy teacher in front of the class sexy girl enjoying a book


And the website for this photostudio,
do check them out, just amazing shots and most of the girls are amateurs just wanting to enjoy themselves by feeling sexy.

Last chance to vote: Sexy costumes

Ok, last chance to vote for your favourite sexy costumes you would like to see your girlfriend or boyfriend in… Not amazed to see the schoolgirl outfit being in the top but honestly, does no one likes the police officers look, an outstanding ZERO votes. LOL.

PILF – Piano teacher I would like to f…


Really like this picture,  sexy and glamorous in one go, never played a piano so don’t know if she is pushing those piano keys in a correct way but for me, I do not care 🙂

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Sexy teacher


Why didn’t these teacher exit when I was young, I just got the sweaty strange ones… *sigh*

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