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Jordan Carver showing off her tennis skills 

Wanna play? 

Tennis attire 

Not sure this is proper attire but I would watch more tennis games if so 😆😆

Tennis girls 

An iconic photo and if not totally incorrect I think it is the most purchased poster ever.

Anna Kournikova for Maxim Magazine Australia

God how I loved to see her play…


Wimbledon girls from Zoo magazine

This years video from Zoo Magazine is of the lovely girls Daisy Watts and Amy Green looking pretty cute and sexy in their tennis skirts to honour Wimbledon.



Click on the picture to see this years video:




Last years video below:


Candice all ready to play tennis

candice swanepoel in tennis gear

The always lovely Candice Swanepoel is looking for a new tennis partner, anyone?

Tennis girl

This one would have been perfect for the Australian Open tennis post but better late than never right?


by Amelkovich

Old London Underground posters from 1908-1933

The London Underground has made more creative use of poster art than any other commercial organisation in the world. It all goes back to the early 1900’s. Frank Pick was Head of Publicity for the London Underground in 1908 and commissioned hundreds of posters by both popular artists and relatively unknown ones too. Man Ray, David Hockney, Edward McKnight Kauffer and Paul Nash are amongst the many artists who have produced artwork for the tube.

Therefore much of early and even current London Underground posters show how far you can travel on the tube and show the wonderful places you can travel to, particularly when you are not doing your normal 9 to 5 daily commute.

It’s beautiful posters which are so awesome in their ways and art. I miss the old days… 🙂

Click here for all the posters in order from 1908-1933. Enjoy!

1933-Wimbledon1927-Cup Final 1911-Way For All 1913-When In Doubt 1916-St Albans 1918-Kew Gardens 1921-Winter Sales 1922-London Museum 1923-Natural History Museum 1926-Kew Gardens  1928-London Museum

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